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Barry Soetoro / Barack Obama Who is who From Indonesian matters website

           This picture  (Bottom) comes from the website Indonesian Matters. Click the link and read the article. It tells of Barry Soetoro’s time in Indonesia. To get to the point; It has now been one year since I … Continue reading

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CHEMTRAIL talk with ALEX JONES and Guests December 2009 – Global Dimming is in effect!

     WAKE UP! There is not enough talk and debate about this important issue. The US government is "geoengineering the planet" but denies it. We have seen a massive increase the past 8 years,…     all one has to do … Continue reading

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Links to Big Brother by Jessie Ventura

below are links to  jessie benturas new show big brother  click watch and enjoy        P1…P2

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Chemtrails- criminal low – level Spraying………. Above  is a link to  a 2gb radio show with  allan Jones re the ES debate and how your being told Nothing,,,,,,,,  hmmmmmmm,2933,450067,00.html      Click on above 2 links … Continue reading

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It Must suck to be a Climavangelist re Climategate

    Watch this one   and then  leave a comment if this offends you..  🙂   DTTNWO  

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sons_of _liberty dot net and megadeath s new album

  go to sign up for their newsletter and recieve their new album vide zip file, or listen to  them on   and while your at it if you like head banging  music with  a great message   give … Continue reading

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Mr Geoff Woods Are you lying or just misinformed?

and about 12.20pm on 12/12/12 they send another contractor without 1st sending a letter re another inspection after one was done only 7 mths ago? me thinks after reading this post they send a social oligark out to invate tennants … Continue reading

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