CHEMTRAIL talk with ALEX JONES and Guests December 2009 – Global Dimming is in effect!

   WAKE UP! There is not enough talk and debate about this important issue. The US government is "geoengineering the planet" but denies it. We have seen a massive increase the past 8 years,…     all one has to do is see my own chem trail record here in warrawong NSW above ..  i did ask  our local DHP officer cathi to advocate for us residents here in warrawong re chemtrails but aparrently shes not worried and cant help ?!!!!   so much for advocacy then….  :-/
  our Bees  are dying off  and being effected by   teh Government Spraying  of us..  it  affects all Mammals  your one arnt you ????
    More foo to fight.
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