Re Peter Spencer,..
   So Australia is slowly waking up to The Global Ponsy scheme to relieve the planets occupants of their cash , we can see Mr Rudd  Copying his mentor  Al Gores business plan, how much money did he , al gore make selling his DVD inconvenient truth?  Which was full of "hiding the Decline"   and now  our prime minister writes a book following in his mentors steps.  I am afraid that Mr Spencer will probably go the same way as Shappell Corby and others.  When one looks at how the americans rallied  for Mr John Sinclair, even prominant musicians wrote songs about the unconstitutional process.
  The elitist bankers are pulling the strings of our politicians
 encouraging them to bring their Builderburg/ New World Order plans into frutition,  Just google New World Order to see how many times these politicians have admitted same
  Peter Spencer is fighting for his constitutional rights,
  If he loses his battell  we all as australians  will lose too.
  Codes alimentarius,  J.P Holdrens Eco Science,,   Its time Australians woke up from their comfortable slumber…!!!
  Just say NO to the ETS  it is scientifically un sound  your being conned while the ponsey scheme enforcers are stealing all that they can
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