Natasha Verco Arrested riding Bicycle and Lord Monkton to Visit Australia Pg links


Natasha Verco, co-founder of the climate group Friends of the Earth in Australia, says she was riding a bicycle on the side of a road in Denmark when police bailed her up and arrested her.

Ms Verco says she was pushed off her bike and, at the time, did not even know it was the Danish police that had approached her.

"I wasn’t at a protest. I was on my way to a protest," she told ABC radio.

"I was riding along the side of the road and, when I asked them what was going on – were they just picking up anybody who was wearing black clothes or had a black jacket on and some black pants? – they said `no, we’ve been hunting you.

"’We’ve been looking for you for a couple of days now’."

Ms Verco, who was in Copenhagen ahead of the December climate change summit, described the whole incident as "very scary".

"From my understanding I’ve been involved in things that in no way have been illegal, that should in no way have led to me being in under that sort of condition."

  See the Brainwashed Employees of teh system are picking on Aussie tourists concerned re teh Global Ponsey SCAM called the Koyoto agreement

   Re above 2 links  Good News Lord Monkton is comming to Australia  ,..   I heard him talking to Alex Jones on  radio broadcast re Peter SPENCER  and his situation whic reflects a worldwide situation.  Its time  all good Men came to the Aid of Vunerable people who are taking Your and Your childrens rights UPON THEIR OWN  SHOULDERS  For and on bahalf of their children and in course yours too.   HELP STOP THE GOVERNMENT LAND GRAB WITH NO COMPENSATION  for LANDOWNERS…     :-/






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  1. peter says:

    The State Opposition says the majority of state Labor MP’s are manipulating the system to receive thousands of dollars in extra pay.Premier Kristina Keneally recently appointed four new parliamentary secretaries, bringing the total to 13.This includes the Member for Wollongong Noreen Hay and the Member for Shellharbour, Lylea McMahon.Opposition spokesman Chris Hartcher says the Government is manipulating the parliamentary allowance system."What Labor is doing under Kristina Keneally is simply running a rort system in Parliament whereby the whole system of parliamentary allowances is rorted for the benefit of Labor MP’s," he said."We have a Government which is just for the mates, and that is a tragic comment on the Premier."Tags: government-and-politics, local-government, parliament, state-parliament, states-and-territories, wollongong-2500

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