Big Pharma Fraud H1N1 Pandemic Scam

  1976  we had bird flu  same Poo different Bucket (Day)  then the  level 6 world Health Pandemic from the W H O
  and Now they are being investigated for trying to lie  trick and decieve you.  its all part of J P Holdrens  Eco Science Eugenics plan in his book
  read it  then you might understand   Your rights are slowly being taken away from you ..   Its all part of a Soft Kill Weaponised attack upon  teh
  Populous of teh planet by  the  13  so clled "Blue blood " Families   Rockerfellas  Rothschilds, including   Goldman sachs  and  the rest of Maddoffs Mates who are still up to their old tricks.
   Peacefulll  resistance to their tyrinnacial  deception is required and necessary  to end the deceptioin of the elitests
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