Oathkeepers Speech,. take heed all public Servants

   Public servants are exactly that servants to the public who pay their wages
   And they in turn They  should have the safety and security of their employers,  the public as well as their own vide their
  Occupational health and safety standards  they enjoy  with their air bags in their new vehicles supplied to them,
   And yess DOH staff at Wollongong All your tennants pay GST TAX and we the tennants find it degrading  when public servantrs who should know better
   imply that we dont even pay taxes..!!!  Any other rental agent   before they rent a property out  add the water rates and land rates together with a percentage for a profite to make the renting of  the premises profitable. 
   So if you have already taken into account  the water  charges/rates , into consideration when compiling my rent to you why then  are you attempting to charge me  extra for water when i havnt  used any excess, you dont have meters instlalled , to measure the tennants usage, you Guestimate the whole prosess, when the quality of our water suppl or the condition of the block we live in hasnt increased in line with all the water and rental increases .
   There are  four houses in my local area inj a state of disrepair when trades people could have been employed and  families taken off the waiting list and housed. 
   We are still waiting for the rainwater collection tanks you said in 2002 would be installed… Infrastructure and water leaks around the area,…
   What are tennants expected to pay for  the infrastructure that it is your responsibility to maintain ?  Job  numbers given to tennants for insulatiion you  recieve
    some $40Mil but  some tennants  are still enduring  the summer heat under tin roofs without insulation,  You remove one way visioin mesh screens that last  up to 4 times as long as a regular fly screen, you allow some tennants to enjoy that  particular type of screen  whilst you  remove the  what little added security some couples enjoy and then  remove it discriminating against teh next tennant who has to live under a reduces secure living area compared to that of other tennants wihin your system.. 
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