2GB Alan Jones talkes to John Mahony re legality of interest rates(class actiion to ensue)


Thursday, 04 February 2010
The legality of interest rates
Alan Jones talks to lawyer John Mahony regarding the legality of interest rates
    Well they have made record profits during a  worldwide depression,  ..  or was that their making ,.. like when they back both sides  of a war,.. thus ensuring they profit whoeva wins,…   they own  all the corporatiions,.. insurance companies around the world and your wondering why your under a Sci Op to decieve and trick you
  Yawn,… Wake up..   go drink some more water  or coke or pepsi, and take what eva shot they offer you.. ,,,………………………slave pleb……….
   click on ablve link to listen to the broadcast.
  share knowledge to prevent  others from  being decieved/ dying as a result.
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