Talking about Harry thomas show The Fox Is guarding the hen house.!!



   Because of a fear in the back of someon elses mind your  having your blood stained rights taken from you.  For Shame ……For Shame

   they take your childrens blood at birth,..  doctors only recomment  that you have 5 chest x rays  in your life time, because oif the radiation effects  but if you fly regularly, and get scanned more that five times ….your not looking after  the body your creator gave you now are you …  and Why,…  because your being lied to decieved and tricked ….  because of a fear in teh back of some fools mind.  Whos telling you all these  poo poo lies  and  increasing their numbers  and want to bring in new taxes on you to  support the ruling oligarky. ……………   the  definition of maddness is  doing the same thing repetativley  seeing that  the same result happens each time but  still expecting a different result,… that suits you..   does this  dogma sound familiar..??




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