My Photograpohic Record of Dept Of Housing Management Practices

   above pohoto taken after  DOH contractors removed the metal mesh  screen the previiousl tennants were privy to enjoying,  !!!
    it was replaced by a  flimsy  normal fly scren mesh which will only last  1/5  as long as the origionally installed  metal mesh  screen. but aparrently teh service of dis service from our public servants  is obvious  in  this case  as in many others in thw illawarra region.
  So the Department of Housing  (Now the NSW Land Corporation)  still a government department
  enforces their occupational health and safety  regulatioins upon privatley  owned  units ( see  immediatley below photos of said units)  but decline to
   adhere to  their own standards when it comes to premises they lease .  This is
   corporate oligarky tyrrany,  a cletpto corporate management plan to maxamise their profits
  Screened lower floor units save on  glass repair costs.. dont they …..
   when these units were initally constructed they had  state of the art  security plastic tagged electronic entry for tennants,  but now  due to  a wonderful
manitenance and security programme,  this lock hasnt worked in years,   but do they  repair it or replace it?   and why Not ?
  above  photo unit 56 with their  installed  mesh screen prior to vacancy by previoius tennant and DOH  systematic removal of same
   If  your a public servant,  and you  dont want to fulfil your  given portfolio,  its simple  Resign,  or eventually  you’ll  get the sack
   We the People    surround you and are  watching  what you do  ,… not necessarily  listening to what you say….
     so   Get real or be called  a bennedict arnold and an anti australian if you not out for the best  interests of your tennants 
     Who are your fellow australians whom you get paid to serve.   Does that make sense to you .  It does to Me.
    Have you got it yet  Im not Your slave !!!!   and  you  will  give the public some service ,…. or the consequences  you  will face.
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2 Responses to My Photograpohic Record of Dept Of Housing Management Practices

  1. peter says:

    While public sector ethics is a nice concept, it has limited relevance to the management of theconduct of public officials to maximise fair and appropriate outcomes in the public interest and publictrust in government: there is no general agreement as to the meaning of ‘ethics’ – what it encompasses ‘ethics’ involves a mental element and is therefore a very personal and subjective issue, and inpractice most people see actual standards of behaviour as more important than what may havemotivated that behaviour (other than when things go wrong) the application of ethical principles to any complex set of circumstances may well result in a rangeof possible outcomes, often with no clearly ‘right’ answer many people can be quite selective in the application of ethical principles to various aspects oftheir lives and work from a practical enforcement perspective it may be more appropriate or useful to focus onoutcomes rather than causes, on whether conduct was criminal, illegal or corrupt as opposed to‘ethical’, and to talk about questions of ‘judgement’ rather than ‘ethics’. in practice, attempts to improve the standards of conduct and decision-making by public officialsneed to focus on the full range of potential conduct, not just on trying to encourage public officialsto act ethically.On this last point, while a focus on fostering ethical conduct through setting standards and outliningexpectations will assist public officials who wish to act ethically, or at least would prefer not to actunethically, it will do little to address the conduct of those who are morally negligent, blind or reckless,and will have no impact on those who are prepared to place their personal interests above the publicinterest.4 Such as the Public Sector Standards Commission and the Public Sector Commission in WA, the Public Service Commission and theEthics Commissioner in Queensland, the Office of the Commissioner for Public Employment in the NT , the State Services Authority inVictoria, the Commissioner for Public Employment in SA, the Office of the State Service Commissioner in Tasmania and the AustralianPublic Service Commission in the Commonwealth.To address the problems that can be caused by such people, a comprehensive approach is requiredthat puts in place adequately resourced mechanisms focusing on: standard setting expectation setting prevention procedures and practices enforcement mechanisms, and deterrence mechanisms.From what I can see, if I were to go out on a limb and try to rank Australian jurisdictions in terms of thecomprehensiveness of their approach to ensuring appropriate conduct by public officials, I wouldhazard that Queensland probably comes closest while NSW appears to me to be the furthest away.It is well past time for the government of NSW to comprehensively review the systems and structuresin place in this State to ensure appropriate conduct by public officials.To provide a proper foundation for the promotion of appropriate conduct, in my view this would needto include: a legislated statement of values and the standards of behaviour expected of all public officials; a code of conduct covering the NSW public sector as a whole; the setting up of an independent agency with statutory responsibility, and the necessaryresources, to establish and promote appropriate standards of conduct by public officials.These are not novel or radical ideas, and their implementation would bring NSW into line with all otherState, Territory and Commonwealth Governments in Australia.Deterrence mechanisms5.1 Watchdog/integrity bodies – Ombudsman [in all Australian jurisdictions]– Corruption Commissions [5 so far across Australianjurisdictions]– Integrity/Ethics/Standards Commissioners [in someAustralian jurisdictions, eg, Queensland the WA]– Auditors General [in all Australian jurisdictions]5.2 Internal audit – [common across Australian jurisdictions]5.3 External audit – [universal application across all Australian jurisdictions]5.4 Penalties – the penalties that can be imposed for noncompliance/breach of acceptable ethicalstandards/standards of behaviour, eg warnings,directions, demotions, fines, dismissal, gaol, etc.5.5 Disciplinary action – [rare in practice]5.6 Prosecution – [very rare in practice].

  2. PeterBDunn says:

    lessor = dept housing /Human Services(NSW lands corp) Lessee = community member

    lessee informs lessor of new tennant.

    lessor contacts lessee by phone then sends required paperwork for lessee and new tennant to fill out,
    income statements pension numbers ect.

    lessee and new tennant comply and fill out all paper work alledgedley required.

    lessor contacts lessee again by phone and more paper work sent out which was completed and
    returned by lessee and new tennant s per requirements

    lessor contacts lessee and enquires re duplication of information oh his desk and askes lessee who organised duplication
    but as documents not signed information unable to be supplied

    rebekkah on lessors behalf rings lessee on a friday afternoon(31/8/12) and intimates lessee owes an amount in rent

    as lessor recieved allo paperwork sent in june 2012 and did not contact lesse in required 28 days of recieving documents
    required re new tennants information this, as a matter of coursem intimates to lessee, that lessor is content happy with
    arrangements, submitted vide paperwork to lessor, upon request as per requirements, and any adjustements to rent
    should be sent to lessee, by lessor, vide normal paperwork channells.

    new tennant on lessees behalf attends centerlink and informs them of lessees situation with her lessor
    new tennant at centerlink office is informed by public servants that state members of the public service
    are unable to send documents between state and federal public servants ( one arm of government just different branches)
    even when lesse and new tennant have signed documents in past giving the dept of housing and centerlink permission to share information
    in relation to tennants/clients situations.

    Best Practice, Duty of care, their individual governmental department Mission Statements and Statements Of Values

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