Deek Jackson Humourous reality,?
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  Go on watch , ..  Have a laugh,  be informed ,   but at the same time realising he is right on the money,
   Moloech information for thoes interested  near  end of  vid  only 8 mins
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One Response to Deek Jackson Humourous reality,?

  1. Pamela says:

    Steel is first made with iron ore & heat, given enough heat your steel melts & buckles..To save rest of city best design if a building is going to be destroyed, it tumbles in its own space & not on the surrounds.Many babies born after 9/11 – so their gene pool goes on.. ~ but angry young men & women asking WHY?America has attacked others in their strive of ”top dog”~ ”cock of the barn yard” ~ who cares who did it ~ China is moving on & it might be your daughter next to be kidnapped because they chose a Son for ”one child policy”

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