Some Warrawong residents locked out of Community centre whilst others not ? Discrimination?

    On Monday the 8 March, 2010 I attended the Local Warawong Communith Hall  which opens at 9am,  at 11.20am  to attend the
   pasta salad lunch provided. 
     Upon  approaching the front door i noticed a Notice stating the hall was locked untill 11.30am due to a break in  on saturday ?
   Inside the hall were 4 volunteeers preparing lunch,(2 males 2 females) in the officer were 2 female employees and a male employee, and at a meeting ,..
   members of the Community Audit group from the  university  along with a member of the  warrawong legal centre.  whilst  waiting outside in the sun along with  other members of the public some of which were  sitting waiting for entry on their motor scooters (disabled type) I noticed that  certian members of the italian community had been given access to our community hall whilst others were being discriminated against and made to wait out side of Our local hall. 
  As  an italian  lady was given entrance to our community hall i entered  aside her, and proceed to have a seat to wait for  lunch  which was only 10 minuets away. 
  As soon as i entered  i was asked to leave, I immediatley looked around at the other persons inside the hall at that time  and i expressed  my opinion that  I had a right to enter my community  hall which opens at 9am  to be open and used by the public, thats why people are employed by our council to work  there and provide a service to the community,  Not to  pick and choose who  can enter our public hall and at what time? 
    We either have inalienable  blood stained ,  guaranteed rights,..  Or we dont.       
   In the light of the kebab shop that remained open after someone had their throats slashed, blood on the floor , Police taking a report of the incident all whilst business as usual  around the corner.  ,..  and this opinion i stated to the people who were attempting to make me be voluntarily compliant to their wishes to discriminate against myself and othere members of  my community.   It was alledged to me that if i didnt comply and leave people may miss out on the lunch which was just  about nearly ready to be served up.  So I asked  What so If i continue to  stand up for my rights? your going to throw away all that good food youve been preparing all this time ?  ,…   some 2 minuets later the doors were open to the other members of the public who were still waiting locked out side ,.   They entered and lunch was had  as per usual.
    So because of an event that happenned 2 days prior  Public servants  restrict access to a public hall to members of the public when they are employed to open the Hall/ommence work at 9am..?  
     Sounds like some one is testing the waters  to see how far they can push their tyrannical ideas upon the public.,
     and to see how many sheeple buckel under and give away their blood stained rights that were hard fough for.
   Dont Tread On me Or my Fellow countrymen/Womens Rights  or  youll find we  will Bite Back  with the thing thats mightier than the sword.
    but ide rather have a sword in my hand than a pen in a real battle.   
   I entered the hall aside , along with an italian lady i  didnt push past  or force my way past any one, they openly discriminate  by letting
some members of the public inside the hall whilst keeping others out/  one stands up for ones and others rights and this is how they treat you , attempt to 
further their tyrrany vide a piece of paper  Hmmmph,  
   Discrimination is discrimination and they cant hide that fact no matter how hard they use the legalities at their fingertips to take peoples rights away from them. 
  Unchonchonable,   What are you doing for Mr Reid and his assault and malicious damage, or Mz Jellicoes being extricated from her premises vide a
  section 2 of a schedule 2 for  doing a spring clean inside her premises and not breaking any laws or offering threats of violenct ot persons?
  Obviousley absouletly nothing  but you will further the diengration of peoples rights,  Wake up silly people
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15 Responses to Some Warrawong residents locked out of Community centre whilst others not ? Discrimination?

  1. peter says:

    or was the meeting in relation to the comming govt cut backs to public services due to Councils new power lighting bills???

  2. Amida says:

    Lighting bill? Not solar powered yet? You in for it Pete. Out in for Gemfields west of Emerald Q. No mains power. Use mob. Ph again as lap top only lasts half hour. Could they not raise funds in using hall daily? Keep news coming – Pete!

  3. peter says:

    heres a copy of a e mail i sent to the president of the residents forum inc. To Maroun Germanous President Residents forum inc. Dear Sir I thank you for your correspondence. Foir your information I did not barge past anyone on the day Mentiioned , the door was opened and i walked through same aside another human being. You were at that time in a room talking to 3 other people. If you are stating that, a person who is verbalising their opionion as to their common law rights, and the Westminister system of government we have her in Austarlia, and you are atempting to classify that as being violent under the O.H & S policies and guidelines, I laugh at that in the light of my asking maxine Grahame to ring the police so the matter could be recorded and placed upon the ocurrence pad for the superintendants and possibly members of the press attention. Since you have alledged to me vide your sent correspondence that in my voicing my opinion there was some how a violent act ensuing, I ask that you prove same , As you made the allegation onus of proof is upon yourself. On the day in question i noticed a discriminatory act taking place. A door opened and i took the opportunity to enter my community hall. I immediatley sat and waited peacefully for the midday meal to be prepared. Whilst sitting waiting I faced a barrage of Discriminatory language towards my slef in an attempt to make me be vlountarily compliant with a discriminatory request. If the hall was open and used by other members of the public, namley the italian community , then i claim the same soverign rights that they have to enter the community hall during the times it is open to be used by the public as per the portfolios of the people employed there to serve their community. Sir I encourage you to endeavour to perserver and give the peoples of our local community the best service possible and to protect their diminishing civil/constitutional rights. If this is not suitable to you then i suggest that if you dont want to fulfil your portfolio then you should resign from your position To have a legal representative try and use a piece of O.H & S legislatioin to erode or take away any citizens rights is tantamount to treason or at the least tyrrany. Thank you once again for your correspondence Please continue serving the people through your high standards according to your mission statement and your statement of values. regardsP.B.Dunn a Todd street resident

  4. peter says:

    Justice Kirby said it all when he commented on the Spine Less sydney siders who were locked out of the Australian Constitution talkshe attended YOUR RIGHTS ARE PAID FOR IN BLOOD DONT FORGET THAT EVER.

  5. peter says:

    umm was it sbs or abc2 Q and A ? i forget , i saw it only 2 nights ago.. on telly.. illget bk to ya when i find the link.

  6. peter says:

    on 30/8/2010 I recieved ref no c/2010/5974 a letter from NSW Ombudsman "We wi8ll not take any action on your complaint" signed christina pooleso One can be discriminated against one complains adn this is the result.

  7. PeterBDunn says:

    on 17/11/2010 upon my attendance at the warrawong community hall to partake of the provided lunch, i commented to a male person/worker named terry about the fact that ATF fencing is getting paid public monies that could be other wise put to better use, than to fence off the quarter acre block of grass immediatley across the road from where this person works . I suggested he make call to ATF,
    During this conversatioin a female complained inrelation to the F*** word. I then had to eexplain to her a prior magistrates ruling that, that word (F****) is no longer deemed to be offensive. a short time later i left the hall after eating my lunch.
    Today the 18/11/2010 about 12.20pm i attended my local warrawong community hall , where people are paid under the preventipon of crime strategy from our premiers office(some $50,000 P/a) and i was again informed by one Maxynne Grahame that i am barred from the community centre for 6 weeks, whilst she poked me in my chest with her index finger. which made me walk backwards away from the hall where the food was being served. she then informed me that if i didnt leave the hall she would call the police. So i, made my self a cup of coffee, sat down. and asked other volunteers if I may be provided with a meal. To which a negative response was met. I then asked how this was constitutiional under the human rights act of 2004 and nobody would answer me , I was ignored. the Police didnt attend, and i left as i could see the obvious pre planned discrimination to deny me a meal for which they get paid to provide for the community. I later learned that other members of the community were denied a takeaway meal due to aparrently my stuffing “it” whatever “It ” is up for other people withim the warrawong community.
    At 1408 hrs constable augaustini attended my flat in colmpany with a female officer alledging to me that i am banned from the hall for six weeks due to my violence and aggression? i asked him what was my violence and aggression? No reply was recieved i then informed the police in attendance at my door that i considered the request to be discriminatory and in breach of the human rights act of 2004. the police then placed some documents inbetween by screen and screen door. and left.

  8. Ida Prince says:

    Pasta Salad about the cheapest meal they can find..
    Then do they add at meat.. or on a side dish. Serve yourself
    or is it already dished up??
    1 cup Marzetti® Asiago Peppercorn Dressing
    1 pound penne pasta, cooked, drained and cooled
    1 1/2 pounds grilled or roasted boneless, skinless chicken breast, sliced
    8 ounces feta cheese, crumbled
    1 (16 ounce) jar pitted kalamata olives, halved
    1 teaspoon dried oregano or Italian seasoning
    6 sundried tomatoes packed in oil, diced
    2 medium roasted sweet peppers (in jar) packed in water, sliced thin
    1 (6 ounce) package baby spinach leaves, cleaned
    1.In large bowl, combine all ingredients with Marzetti Asiago Peppercorn Salad Dressing. Toss well. Serve. Store remaining portion, covered in the refrigerator
    would leave nothing for the toffs to pay themselves with left over $$

  9. PeterBDunn says:

    My complaint re their locking out community members form a publicly funded hall whilst a secret meeting between members of the Legal fraternity, the University(Wollongong), , and Public sector/service union members who subsequently colluded and conspired against a membere of the community for taking away their right of access and egress to their communal property and exposing their hidden adgenda of Eugenics vide adgenda 21 and ,slipping in ,/beta testing the waters so to speak , with getting away with buying the dearer white sugar over the cheaper more nutritious brown/raw sugar and all teh whilst winging “Oh we dont get enough money to run teh place properly ” and the day after they refuse one a meal they recieve a governmant award???

  10. PeterBDunn says:
    Treason against the king was known as high treason and treason against a lesser superior was petty treason. A person who commits treason is known in law as a traitor.

    Oran’s Dictionary of the Law (1983) defines treason as “…[a]…citizen’s actions to help a foreign government overthrow, make war against, or seriously injure the [parent nation].” In many nations, it is also often considered treason to attempt or conspire to overthrow the government, even if no foreign country is aided or involved by such an endeavour.

    Outside legal spheres, the word “traitor” may also be used to describe a person who betrays (or is accused of betraying) their own political party, nation, family, friends, ethnic group, team, religion, social class, or other group to which they may belong.

    545B Intimidation or annoyance by violence or otherwise

    (1) Whosoever:
    (a) with a view to compel any other person to abstain from doing or to do any act which such other person has a legal right to do or abstain from doing, or
    (b) in consequence of such other person having done any act which he had a legal right to do, or of his having abstained from doing any act which he had a legal right to abstain from doing,
    wrongfully and without legal authority:
    (i) uses violence or intimidation to or toward such other person or his wife, child, or dependant, or does any injury to him or to his wife, child, or dependant, or
    (ii) follows such other person about from place to place, or
    (iii) hides any tools, clothes, or other property owned or used by such other person, or deprives him of or hinders him in the use thereof, or
    (iv) (Repealed)
    (v) follows such other person with two or more other persons in a disorderly manner in or through any street, road, or public place,
    is liable, on conviction before the Local Court, to imprisonment for 2 years, or to a fine of 50 penalty units, or both.
    (2) In this section:
    Intimidation means the causing of a reasonable apprehension of injury to a person or to any member of his family or to any of his dependants, or of violence or damage to any person or property, and intimidate has a corresponding meaning.

    Injury includes any injury to a person in respect of his property, business, occupation, employment, or other source of income, and also includes any actionable wrong of any nature.
    Democracy & Treason in Australia

  11. PeterBDunn says:

    lessor = dept housing /Human Services(NSW lands corp) Lessee = community member

    lessee informs lessor of new tennant.

    lessor contacts lessee by phone then sends required paperwork for lessee and new tennant to fill out,
    income statements pension numbers ect.

    lessee and new tennant comply and fill out all paper work alledgedley required.

    lessor contacts lessee again by phone and more paper work sent out which was completed and
    returned by lessee and new tennant s per requirements

    lessor contacts lessee and enquires re duplication of information oh his desk and askes lessee who organised duplication
    but as documents not signed information unable to be supplied

    rebekkah on lessors behalf rings lessee on a friday afternoon(31/8/12) and intimates lessee owes an amount in rent

    as lessor recieved allo paperwork sent in june 2012 and did not contact lesse in required 28 days of recieving documents
    required re new tennants information this, as a matter of coursem intimates to lessee, that lessor is content happy with
    arrangements, submitted vide paperwork to lessor, upon request as per requirements, and any adjustements to rent
    should be sent to lessee, by lessor, vide normal paperwork channells.

    new tennant on lessees behalf attends centerlink and informs them of lessees situation with her lessor
    new tennant at centerlink office is informed by public servants that state members of the public service
    are unable to send documents between state and federal public servants ( one arm of government just different branches)
    even when lesse and new tennant have signed documents in past giving the dept of housing and centerlink permission to share information
    in relation to tennants/clients situations.

    Best Practice, Duty of care, their individual governmental department Mission Statements and Statements Of Values

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