today I  attended the warrawong office of centerlink to assist my son with his dole payments application,  and whilst there, completing a form with my details that centerlink already possess, i asked the female centerlink employee if she was going to  pay me $30.00 for supplying centerlink with my details yet again, and i further explaied to her that if i want my own details from a government department they want to charge me $30.00 under the giuse of the freedom of information act.
  I was glared at and   i sat down and started filling out the form being voluntarily compliant with their wishes yet again, whilst filling out the form i let slip from my mouth the "F" word,   a  indignant  female public servant then immediatley complained that  that word offender her, So i informed her that legally a magistrate has deemed that the work Fuck is no longer offensive ,.. setting a precedence in relation to same ,and that if she a fucking problem with that to take it , the matter up with  the magistrate who made that respective decision.  ASs she tried to   enforce her will upon me  i decided to say the word a few more times, all the while  attempting to fill in  paperwork for my sons  application for payment.  Whilst attempting to fill out the form  the lady sat down beside me and continued to  harass me whilst attempting to fill in my sons forms he required,  This   made me  feel irritated further  so i deciede to exercise my freedom of speech principles and as a result  the felame staff member  called security ,who asked me to leave the centerlink office.  Upon completing  the required information  that my son required to place upon a centerlink form (My details which they have already)   i then left the centerlink office and spoke with waiting security staff outside the warrawong centerlink office.
  I explained my soverign and guaaranteed democratic and constitutioonal rights to the security guard who argued with me in relation to the word Fuck which i verbalised to him several times after my explination to him.  As a result the security guard informed me that i was barrd from the wsestfield complex for  1 whole day.  Big DEAL.  
    To my surprise at 2.-05pm  same day 22/3/10 a knock at my front door was heard   So i answered  same to find an old workmate Senior constable Starling
  in company with a female officer, both wearing Guns on their hips.  I asked yes  how can I help you  good people,  he explained,  we are here about a matter that occurred at centerlink  .  I then explained to both constables  what had transpired and my explination to a Public servant in relation to a magistrates decision , which  has   been set as a precedence  in relation to the verbalisation of that word.
   and in my explination as to what had transpired i used the work Fuck  a few  times as i stood inside my front doorway speaking with the constables..
   after my  explination the Constable  Mr D,Starling  said to me " Your a goose Arnt You!"   I was immediatley offended by his calling me names for no aparrent reason
 and he went on to explain that i had basrred from centerlink and good luck with being paid my pension?
  After thinking  about the matter for a minuet or two i immediatley rang his supervisor and made a complait.
  So some oligark public servant   has used her percieved authority to take away my soverign right of freedom of speech because  she was offended by a word that a Magistrate Has  Deemed to be Inoffensive.  This ia a matter of Precedent.  so FUCK FUCK FUCK  Who does it hurt,.   OOO  it makes me bleed and feel pain to my bones and physical body…. not  .      try to take my soverign rights of freedom of speech away     then call  police who come to ones front door wearing firearms  open carry ,…
 Who then proceed to call one a GOOSE.    This is not why members of the police force ane employed to  attend addresses of their ex association members and call the Gooses. 
   Has anything similar to this happenned to you .  if so  COMMENTS WELCOME
  Death to tyrraninaccial oligarks  who are public servants under our Westminister  type of government wh have her in Australia.  
  If you take One persons rights away, you tke your own and your childrens rights from them  too
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