Iceland Volcano Erupts 2010 April

Comment by Tara 11 hours ago

Calling on Al Gore, Gore….can you hear me? Nope, I guess not! Al, one of the greatest C02 emitters is erupting and you’re trying to save the planet from C02 from humans all the while jet setting around the world spewing more C02. That’s a fricken lot of C02 Al, hmmmmm?????

Amazing vid footage of the volcano Greg, thanks for posting! Another one of natures wonders!

Greg aka Sonatadude Comment by Greg aka Sonatadude 11 hours ago
Ya, thanks for the cool reply PH.
Patriot Horse Comment by Patriot Horse 11 hours ago
A popular way of classifying magmatic volcanoes is by their frequency of eruption, with those that erupt regularly called active, those that have erupted in historical times but are now quiet called dormant, and those that have not erupted in historical times called extinct. However, these popular classifications—extinct in particular—are practically meaningless to scientists.

Thanks for this post Greg. I’ve always had a fascination with volcanoes. The volcano on Maui known as Haleakala is a dormant volcano. I’ve seen and been at the visitors site of Kilauea on the Big Island. Nothing like it!

Greg aka Sonatadude Comment by Greg aka Sonatadude 11 hours ago
All flights in and out of the UK and several other European countries have been suspended as ash from a volcanic eruption in Iceland moves south.
fireguy Comment by fireguy 12 hours ago
Can dormant volcanos erupt?

Climate change in action, look at the ice melt, where is ALGORE we could use him for a cork.

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4 Responses to Iceland Volcano Erupts 2010 April

  1. Amida says:

    ”The Dark Ages ” comes to mind..when UK was just that, Dark…

  2. Pamela says:

    Yep, heading outdoors… check on Chooks & Plants..

  3. Brenda Sawka says:

    I usually get bored easily and close the tab but i honestly enjoyed what i read. Grats !

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