Pot enthusiasts gather at cannabis expo


Medical marijuana users near San Francisco lit up on Saturday at the opening of a two-day exposition, where vendors displayed bongs, vaporisers, hash brownies and other marijuana-related products.

Under a white-canopied courtyard, young adults in baggy jeans and baseball caps smoked alongside aging hippies in the onsite medicating area of the International Cannabis and Hemp Expo.

In 1996, California voters approved a measure that allowed sick people to use marijuana if they have doctor referrals and an identification card.

But marijuana advocates want to take it a step further. In November, voters will consider a ballot measure on whether to legalise and tax pot in California.

Bob Katzman, chief operations officer for the expo, said one of the goals of the event was to show just how big and far-reaching the state’s pot industry has become.

"I think we’re already mainstream," he said.

"At least in Northern California."

The expo, and others like it, will help develop the multibillion dollar pot industry, said Bucky Fisher, national sales manager for Medical Marijuana Inc, which sells hemp-related products and provides services to ensure marijuana dispensaries follow the law.

"It makes the industry more of a community, more visible, more powerful," he said.

"This country is definitely in need of a homegrown industry, and this could be it."

A man at the International Cannabis and Hemp Expo

   So Our government is looking to tax the populous cause they reckon they are short of Cash,

    Well  Instead of  drug lords kiling each other (carl williams ect) 

    How about teh goernment  LEGALISES  DRUGS ,Sell  Same at  Pharmacies already in existance, Make people register  before  purchase, to keep records of amounts consumed ect (health and safety  reasons)

    Thence  all the profits the Black Market are currently making would be in GOVERNMENT REVENUES  instead of the wallett of some  Criminal ,

    then we might see   infrastructure like our  Energy grid  upgraded without  teh current Power rises/Costs due to  GOVERNMENT MANAGEMENT PRACTICES!!!



   Comments welcome

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