The world according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF)


Statements issued in recent days by IMF officials (David de Devil Rothschild Minions ) express urgency as the world economic woes balance on a hinges, "rebalancing and consolidation", translation, suck it up, the party’s over.

According to the IMF to keep the global economy on track, people in America and the rest of the developed world need to work longer before retiring, pay higher taxes and expect less from government. And the cheap imports lining the shelves of mega-chains need to be more expensive.

"Rebalancing" is an idea that most everyone endorses — including the technicians at the fund and President Obama and the leaders of the G-20 ( International Monetary Fund & World Bank controlled ) group of economically powerful nations. In broad strokes, it means curbing what has been a massive transfer of capital from nations that consume more than they produce, such as the United States, to nations that produce more than they consume, such as China.

"Consolidation" is another idea promoted by IMF leaders (David de Devil Rothschild Minions ). Again, the aim seems unobjectionable: The United States and other developed-world governments ran record deficits during the crisis, both to pay for stimulus programs (Bankers Bailout, most of the public coffers ended up in Rothschild/Rockefeller controlled banks) and because tax and other receipts cratered. Across the developed world, the IMF says, government debt will rise from about 80 percent of economic output before the crisis to roughly 115 percent of output in 2014.

That’s considered a dangerous trajectory, and IMF officials (David de Devil Rothschild Minions ) say that by next year, governments need to announce "credible" (IMF imposed) plans to cut their annual deficits, turn them into surpluses and start paying off what is owed. The level of the correction needed is large, perhaps 10 percent of gross domestic product. In the United States, that would amount to roughly $1.4 trillion annually, to be cut from government programs or raised through new taxes.

The IMF (David de Devil Rothschild) has long had a reputation as a bearer of bad news — it dispatches well-educated and diplomatically deft teams (David de Devil Rothschild Minions ) to tell economically troubled countries how many people they have to fire and which programs they have to cut to get financial assistance. But the IMF (David de Devil Rothschild) now finds itself in the "odd" (lol) position of having that conversation not with a single ailing sovereign but with the developed countries at the core of the world system, including the US.

"He who controls the money supply of a nation controls the nation." James A. Garfield

The International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the World Bank (WB) are part of the Rothschild Family Khazarian (Zionist) Global Empire

Read full Washington Post article here
Read full IMF “Global Financial Stability Report” report here

Article by Howard Schneider/Edited by Oryzen

OryZen… Wake up People

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