AFP probe alleged ANZ Bank drug ring


ANZ Bank is under investigation over an alleged drug trafficking network suspected of operating out of its central Melbourne branch.

Fourteen staff members have lost their jobs as an investigation into the suspected drug ring by the Australian Federal Police stretches into its third month, the Herald Sun reported on Friday.

The bank’s internal email servers have been studied as part of the police probe. Employees allegedly used code words to buy and sell drugs.

Seven staff are suspected of drug dealing, while seven are alleged to have purchased illegal substances, the newspaper said.

The drug investigation focused on staff working at the collections department in ANZ’s city office at 530 Collins Street before they moved to South Melbourne earlier this year.

An ANZ spokesman told the newspaper the bank is cooperating fully with the police.

"We’re treating the matter very seriously and we’re shocked it was happening within our organisation," he said.

  And  the little fish will be fried whilst the infrastructure, ie the illegality of drugs,  will remain the same, hence,  profitability and the continuance of

  the black market economy ………………..  Decriminilisation and Pharmacutical outlets issuance with  registration of consumers for  O H and S reasons

  is a real answer to secure monies for needed infrastructure for our  childrens future requirements,


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2 Responses to AFP probe alleged ANZ Bank drug ring

  1. Amida says:

    ANZ told my DIL that they don’t do statements for ‘that account’ wait another week to get it sent from headoffice.Head Office could not have been keeping close watch on this lot of employees…

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