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Lord Monckton Reveals Scientific Fraud at Copenhagen!              

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1.Max Keiser Reveals “Put Options” Ties to BP’s False Flag Oil Spill 2 lord Moncton interview

     Above  re teh BP short selling of shares by certian companies  like just before  teh 911 incident,… hmmmmm           More information re the World Government for you  please inform those close to you re … Continue reading

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New Australian PM vows to revive carbon debate      By Bruce Hextall Bruce Hextall – Thu Jun 24, 8:52 am ET SYDNEY (Reuters) – New Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard moved to revive a stalled carbon trading scheme on Thursday, pledging more consultation with industry and voters to win support … Continue reading

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Worlds Patriots Prevail Confronting evil….so called public servants….     Why dont our Legislators Serve us the public whome they are elected to Serve…..????     Who are they to Say No to  us re security or other maters..????      Deny the ppublic their Just desserts and you may … Continue reading

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Global Governance and the Future of the United States [Henry Lamb]      A video madei n 2002 but very interesting information re Our Global Neighbourhood,..  and more….   LibertyInOurTime — June 11, 2010 — Lecture by Henry Lamb given to the 20th Annual Meeting of the Doctors for Disaster … Continue reading

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Global Governance – Part 1 … Club of Rome and Agenda 21 Explained      The CoR claims that "we are facing an imminent catastrophic ecological collapse" and "our only hope is to transform humanity into a global interdependent sustainable society, based on respect and reverence for the Earth." This is … Continue reading

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The Australian Soverignty Party Introduction Video

    Are you  Taxed Enough already …..?   

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