Please Stop the Lying Deception and Trickery..It is the Peoples Will You Cease and Dissist this Practice.


  Upon enquiry from staff at our local community hall here at Warrawong,
   as to why we had changed from brown sugar to white sugar,?.. several volunteer staff and  Maxine grahame stated to me that white sugar was cheaper  and that they couldnt afford the brown sugar for the  attendees cofees and teas.,  and one elderly  volunteer  attempted to  tell me that white sugar  is better for you than  raw!  LOL  another stated you dont like it dont come here.?? 
   They recieve funding to provide healthy nutritious meals to the  local community under the Premiers crime prevention strategy ,  some fifty thousand dollars per annumn, and under occupational Health and Safety standards, they are supposed to manage their funding to give residents who attend the healthiest most nutritious meals they can afford under that funding.
  Now  the reason that white sugar is more expensive than brown sugar  is because it (brown/raw sugar) hasnt been as refined and had all the goodness sucked out of it,… thats why its more expensive than white sugar,  which adds to peoples high blood pressure, ask any doctor, they will tell you  of the benefits of raw / brown sugar compared to that of white  sugar.
 So when i get told by  Maxine Grahame at the local warrawong  community hall that they cant afford  raw sugar ,  as they  alledge that it is to expensive,,,?     i went to our local Coles and Woolworths and obtained the Kg price of sugar.  Raw Sugar at coles  per Kg was 89 cents whilst white sugar costs $1.49 cents.   And at  Wollies White sugar  per  kg is $1.39 and  raw sugar  per kg is 87 cents.
   So  Why  obviousley lie to attendees  at the Local Warawong Community hall and tell them that you cant afford   raw sugar, especxially after the upgrade to the buildings front entrance, a nice new self opening electronic door….   whilst residents put up with their daggy fly screen doors  in a state of disrepair.
   CODEX ALIMINTARIUS  came into  force on the 10 1/10 is  the lying re  prices of  white and raw sugar proof of the incrimental  impositioin of codex aliminatarius like the similar reduction in sales of codine ..  in an effort to help the addicted.?
 It is the  will of the people that the Lying  Tricking and Decieving perpetuated by those employed to  give service to the Public,   Cease and dissist.  and if it becomes to hard or bothersome to fulfil your duties for which  you recieve payment  ,,…  then resign do us all a favour.
 Your food intake and nutrition is key to your longevity.    Besides   I dont like being lied to   and i dont care who you think you are, your a soverign citizen just like me  you dont have any Less or any More rights than I do .   So sit down do ya job  and shut up and especially  dont lie.!


  I encourage all to be aware and alert your nutriton and food intake is Key to your Longevity,  The People Deserve  the same if not better infrastructure

safety and suecrity  as public servants and people whome serve the community are privy to,  If the reverse is rue then  it sounds tyrranical to me .!

  comments  welcomed.

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14 Responses to Please Stop the Lying Deception and Trickery..It is the Peoples Will You Cease and Dissist this Practice.

  1. Pamela says:

    Large CoOrps like councils get so much discounts we never see..[they can buy in bulk!]& sugar in 3kg bags at lur local Woolworths [no Coles unless we can get to Emerald or Rockhampton 90 & 180 klm from my home] works out at 89cents a kg. I bought for my jam making. Local corner store it is $2.70c a kg bag and WW similar to your coles $1.29 white.. raw matches yours..

  2. peter says:

    Well upon attendance at the Warrawong community Hall for lunch this morning I am pleased to report that Visitors and residents Now have Brown sugar to enjoy with their teas and coffees,..on seeing this i said "Praise the lord" and I applaud Maxine for "Looking into the matter"Upon thanking volunteer staff for similarly rejecting the eugenics plan to restrict our mineral and vitamin up take, Some one still tried to mention that White sugar is better for you than Brown

  3. peter says:

    continued.. so i informed them to google search wihte sugar deaths,sixty thousand people a year die from sugar related illnesses, or to watch some of Deek Jacksons vids re similar

  4. Pamela says:

    No drinking water on the Longreach to Rockhampton Coach Sunday afternoon. I hot a free bus of tea I sweetened with white sugar – supplied. Also at the Show we said for smokeO 2 tea 2 small muffins 8.50 2 dollar. My shout for lunch – pie with peas. Did not bother with a drink – 8dollars our budget feed.

  5. peter says:

    today 1/7’/2010 i attended teh WCH for lunch and still they are serving White sugar up to people, Upon my informing tehm of Codex alimantarius i was told thats not our concern it doesnt matter "so I retract my applause and will continue to expoose teh secret implnmenntation of Codes alimantarius/ or being told that raw sugar is dearer than white and that white sugar is better for you ,

  6. peter says:

    so this is how they fight teh good fight tehy buckel under teh scientific scam to restrict your vitamin and mineral uptake they lie to you they mock you and when in line for food only one scoop of food and 2 crusts to have with teh coffee and white sugar. Wow what power you have , Pity your actuallyjoining in on teh turning away just like youve been conditoned to do. I would laugh but i feel to sorry for you to,!!!

  7. peter says:

    Because white sugar and white flour are absorbed too quickly into the blood stream, the pancreas is forced to send large quantities of insulin into the blood to balance the large quantities of sugar. When this is done over and over, day in and day out over a lifetime, the pancreas gets worn out.The result: hypoglycemia and diabetes, along with fatigue, headaches, irritability, mood swings, nervousness, anxiety, and even mental disorders.

  8. peter says:

    I sent Maxinne grahame an e mail re above she replied if your distressed about it dont have it, Well wheres our choice and what of your responsibilities under O h and s and Duty of Care towards the people you feed un educated fools

  9. peter says:

    When one complains re your discrimination Im barred from your hall under OH&S vide Mouroone Germanous Now you are submitting to teh Eugenics plan and your offering poision to attendees without giving them a choice or using brown sugar as you dont buy it for your own reasong…hmmmmmmm I dislike satanic eugenicists who wish harm on my brothers and sisters Sec Semper Tyrranus

  10. peter says:

    The Good Fight Dont make me laugh Your openly choosing not to offer people a choice because your obviousley part of teh bigger conspiracy.. Thats my Opinion Pretty close to i rekon

  11. peter says:

    Whilst DELMA was there we had brown sugar So Whats changed????? Ohhh Your the boss now hmmmmmmm

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