Processed White Sugar Is A Terrible Poison


Refined grains cause our bodies to make excess mucous that accumulates in our noses, sinuses, throats, bronchial tubes, and our lungs, causing us to sniff, blow, drain, and cough and, often times, leading to more frequent colds and respiratory problems.

Refined grains cause the calcium to be depleted from our bones, increasing our chances of getting osteoporosis.

Refined grains are broken down in our digestive system and absorbed too quickly into the blood stream. This upsets the blood sugar levels, exhausting the pancreas and/or the adrenal glands, triggering hypoglycemic and diabetic reactions. Refined grains are just as bad for people with diabetes as white sugar.

In fact, refined grains are just plain bad for all of us, and we pay a hefty price for eating them—premature diseases and early deaths.

(Part 3: White Sugar)

By Dr. Leslie Van Romer:

Now for all of you who have a sweet tooth, and even for those of you who don’t think you have a sweet tooth, let’s explore and expose the dangers of our fourth “deadly white:” sugar, which happens to be one of America’s very favorite foods.

We’ve already discussed the first three “deadly whites:” white flour, white rice, and white salt.

Lots of foods are loaded with sugar.

Sometimes the sugar is obvious in some foods. We all know that candy, cakes, cookies, pastries, pies, jam, ice cream, desserts, cereals, soda, and drinks contain sugar.

However, sometimes the sugar is hidden in many foods. Sugar can be found in soups, canned fruits and vegetables, bread, peanut butter, mayonnaise, ketchup, salad dressings, spaghetti sauce, pickles, and even baby foods.

Americans eat lots of sugar. As a matter of fact, statistics report that the average American eats from 130 to 150 pounds of sugar every year which translates into 30 to 50 teaspoons of sugar a day. A can of pop alone has 10 teaspoons of sugar so it wouldn’t take much more sugar to add up to 30 to 50 teaspoons a day.

So what is so wrong about eating sugar?

Sugar is detrimental to health and fitness. It causes many problems in the body, some of which are:

Sugar causes the loss of tissue elasticity and tissue functioning causing premature aging.

Sugar interferes with the body’s ability to effectively process fat and cholesterol, increasing the risk of atherosclerosis, hypertension, heart disease, and strokes.

Sugar, along with white flour, causes wear and tear, and ultimately the malfunction of the pancreas.

Because white sugar and white flour are absorbed too quickly into the blood stream, the pancreas is forced to send large quantities of insulin into the blood to balance the large quantities of sugar. When this is done over and over, day in and day out over a lifetime, the pancreas gets worn out.

The result: hypoglycemia and diabetes, along with fatigue, headaches, irritability, mood swings, nervousness, anxiety, and even mental disorders.

Sugar is highly correlated with the growth of cancer cells. Cancer, such as cancers of the breast, ovaries, intestines, prostate, and rectum, is thought to thrive on sugar.

Sugar causes the body to become over-acid. When the body is over-acid, it must pull calcium from the bones to neutralize the acidity. Along with animal products and salt, sugar is another contributor to osteoporosis. Is there any wonder why there is so much osteoporosis in the United States?

Ultimately, excess sugar is stored in the liver and when the liver is filled to capacity, the sugar returns to the blood in the form of fat. The fat is stored in those places we don’t want it stored—namely our butts, thighs, stomachs, and breasts. So of course, sugar is a huge cause of weight gain and obesity, which is 30 pounds overweight.

White sugar is correlated with a compromised immune system, varicose veins, gallstones, kidney damage, acid stomach, colitis, asthma, migraine headaches, eczema, cataracts, emphysema, and multiple sclerosis.

White sugar is high in calories, which could ultimately be turned into fat, and these calories are completely empty of any nutrition whatsoever. And, even worse than empty calories, is the fact that sugar actually leeches vitamins and minerals out of your body.

Carefully consider what you are putting into your body. Read the labels and look for sugar under different names: dextrose, maltose, fructose, glucose, lactose, corn syrup, fruit juice concentrate, malt, syrup, and “no sugar added” all mean that sugar is in this product.

If health, fitness, weight loss, well-functioning organs, high energy, and a youthful body are important to you, then it’s time to think about which foods you are putting in your body that promote these priorities and which foods deplete you, choice by choice, of your health and your very life.

Part I: White Flour and White Rice

Part II: White Salt

Part IV: “White” Processed Oils

Dr. Leslie Van Romer is a health motivational speaker, writer, and life style coach. Visit for more inspiration.

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Each cube is a “teaspoon” of sugar.









 So youve now been informed……………


  So All Staff at the Warrawong Community Hall  Under your Occupational Health and Safety standards You have a duty of care  to all those to whome you serve food to,  You arnt privy to  their medical needs or conditions so WHY DO YOU INSIST ON  OFFERING UP THIS WHITE SUGAR POISION.  CEASE AND  DISSIST THIS IMMEDIATLEY.  I have fowarde you and E Mail in relation to same. and if you dont photocopy  the negative effects and put them up for peoples information on the public noticeboard   I will.,,,,,,,,,,,,,………………  Your not employed to guide the people  but to protect them    How is your practice of serving up white poision protecting people or assisting them ???????????        WAKE UP





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8 Responses to Processed White Sugar Is A Terrible Poison

  1. peter says:

    on mon 5/7/2010 i posted on the front door, in side on the notice board and on the wall next to the stage a coopy of teh e mail i sent naxinne but some one had taken them down therby keeping public/attendes,. in the dark

  2. peter says:

    Few employers bothered with health care initiatives, it was claimed. Just 12 per cent of organisations provided advice and education about health issues,

  3. peter says:

    Dear Maxyne, Could you please inform me, in light of the High court decision (High Court 1992 Rodger V’s Whitticare.) and ones Duty of care pertining to Healthy foods, offered to members of the Public under, Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, How does offering Hall attendes, only white sugar, with its Known effects upon peoples health , meet the afore mentioned regulaions.

  4. peter says:

    Also can you comment on the ethical asspects and posible implications of your decision to only offer hall attendees only one variety of sweetner for their beveradigesfor their consumption.A todd street Resident(above 2, a copy of e mail i sent im still awaiting a reply to )21/7/2010

  5. pamea says:

    23 August, 2006 2:14PM AEST
    White chocolate and macadamia biscuits
    Chef: Heather BeattieThis is a very easy recipe which started when one of our sons went to college and sent home requests for ‘Care Packs’ at exam time (and any other occasion he was missing some home baking). They have become very popular at college and several dozen seem to disappear as soon as they arrive!
    Degree of difficulty:Low
    125g butter, softened
    3/4 cup brown sugar (or equivalent sugar substitute powder)
    1 egg
    1 teaspoon vanilla essence
    1 cup plain flour
    1 cup self-raising flour
    1 cup white chocolate buttons
    1/4 cup chopped macadamia nuts

  6. PeterBDunn says:

    Dr. Leslie Van Romer is a health motivational speaker, writer, and life style coach. Visit for more inspiration.

    Article Source:

    Link to this article:

  7. PeterBDunn says:

    I voiced my Opinion (most probabley out of selfishness re my own crush injury ) in an effort to protect my self and others , my words were called voilence, police were summonned, How did any of these so called Public Servants who have Oaths of office Mission Statements and Statements of values they proport to adhere to, actually do that ? or was it a case of servants picking on one of the weakest members of the community (A disabled pensioner) for revenue collection puropses as they know theyre broke after your future fund got spent/given away. next billions to banks for disability insurance, utility price rises to teh International Monetary fund Climate change account, and aid to afghanistan to keep the Opium flowing arojund teh workd, The army gives teh opium growers the Fertaliser to grow the StuFf~! its a cultural Heritage thinnggyy K

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