Warmonger Replaces Warmonger and Morons Must die says…

    Watch and have a laugh at the POINIANJT  sarcasm from Deek Jackson    
  Comments welcome
  Sec semper tyrranus
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7 Responses to Warmonger Replaces Warmonger and Morons Must die says…

  1. Amida says:

    Reminds me of the ‘Scocia Place,’ and ‘my friend’ who would ask me there as shee did some volunteer work helping in the kitchenChatting to the frail elderly etc. She said I could ‘buy a meal’ but the chap in charge of the kitchen cut me short with ”meals are for the frail elderly!’not for you young able bodied … that was 10 years ago! See by my pictures I am hardly frail but one could be member at 50+ / I have never asked for a meal since.Council owned and run!

  2. peter says:

    hmmm today wed 7/7/2010 went to hall for lunch spoke to maxinne who again said she was of the opinion white is cheaper than brown sugar and when innformed of codex alimantarius adn JP holdrens ecoscience population resources adn environment..just stared at me so 1stly using Mz jellico for media purposes to keep hall open/get funding then when shes abducted and taken to psych unit for a spring clean??,

  3. peter says:

    cont.. then teh DOH bill her for a door lock change, after that i observe discrimination in that after a break in certian members were given access to hall whiost others locked outside ,So i verbally chip em , and im banned for a week under OH&S reasons ,.. but its ok for only white sugar to be offered to hall attendees No choice of Raw or white?? Its a NWo eugenics conspiracy, or just plain ignorance !!

  4. Amida says:

    My comment is too long..

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