Call To Arms – Tekneek

From album "11:11 – The Eleventh Hour"

Seen as another nemesis, treated as public enemies,
with anti-depressants, legally feeding us drug-dependancies,
you don’t believe me? look in ya medicine cupboard,
it’s all related like Bush & Kerry are cousins,
they dont think that your mind is a sharp brain,
they purposely poison people with Fluoride & Aspartame,
we should overthrow our rulers and riot,
for the cancer preventing vitamins been removed from our diet,
you are what you eat and they feeding us shit,
til ya arteries block, ya heart’ll be stopped, ya cease to exist,
there’s some reasons for this, controlling population
plus it puts aload of dollars straight into the greediest fist,
cos sickness is a business, they make a living from death,
getting filthy rich off illnesses they originally spread,
I’m inviting recruits to fight for the truth,
do some deep digging yourself and find-out the proof, they lie to you too,
a media blackout is frightening news,
facists flying a false-flag so I’m inciting the troops
to tighten their boots, its time to rise and go right to the root,
we facing free mason secret society groups,
they act like terrorists then we get the terrorist act,
powerless under it, governments steady setting their trap,
so make sure that you getting the facts,
til they get what they wanna we gotta expect many more deadly attacks,

This is a call to arms, so do it right now,
rise now, with me we ripping Big Brother eye’s out,
Cos one global government will soon spell slaughter,
fuck the illuminati, fuck the new world order, (Repeat)

Big Brother keeps an eye on this police state, its easy with freeze frame
cctv tapes that seem to spy on us each day,
they got problems but no proper solutions, scientists
try n fix mircochips inside our skin to monitor movements,
propaganda is a modern illusion,
modelling humans to follow their fuhrers wrongful conclusions,
their called the top of the chain cos they wanna enslaved,
they want us afraid and put bombs on the train,
so they could push their I.D idea on us again,
to protect us from this threat of terrorists thats lodged in our brain,
Government cover-ups? i come to expose it,
how come the only London bus rerouted on 7/7 the one that exploded?
the same morning they were running drills, about the exact attack
that happened later that day when the blood was spilled,
same happened 9/11 before hundreds killed,
it aint coindeince, if that dont make ya think then nothing will,
scare mongering the public to fund ya illegal war,
using weapons of mass distraction to muddle the peoples thoughts,
the press saying back our boys in Iraq,
cheering troops in Afganistan dying over land, oil & gas,
young soldiers don’t come home but get awards for bravery,
we’re all pawns onna board, it’s the future form of slavery,
in any case you better pray for it urgently,
they’re waging a war of terror in ya mental state of emergency,


Cutting corners in the rat-race but i’m bitter and i’m sour,
fuck being a slave to the system in the pyramids of power,
we’re all prisoners in the tower believing we got freedom,
blissfully unaware the media’s keeping their top secrets,
from leaking, to people recieving the shock treatment,
now we got reason to wake-up to their dreams and stop sleeping,
they wanna swap policemen for S.W.A.T teams to swamp streets with,
and anyone that march in protest the cops beating,
if i gotta bust straps and cock heat then
I’mma be like fuck that and let blood splat til i got even,
til i stop breathing, til my hearts not beating,
I’m not ceasing, not leaving til ya shot bleeding,
I ain’t ever owned a gun in my life,
but if your martial law starts a war then its one i’mma fight,
standing on the fucking frontline, busting off nines,
the judge, jury and executioner for every one of your crimes,
blowing Rupert Murdoch’s company up in the Sky,
the revolution will be televised but they won’t be running it live,
parliment’ll be punished for publishing lies,
i’ll form a miltia & pour out liquor when anyone of em dies,
yeah we’re coming for the corrupted make em take cover and hide,
and put an end to them dressing the truth in another disguise,
open ya fucking eyes and see it exposed,
if you don’t know about the secrets of Bohemian Grove,
they wanna imprison me, won’t leave me alone,
no privacy, intercepting the text messages recieved on ya phone,
they seeing the same emails you reading at home,
but when the revolution comes i’m putting three in their dome…

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