Alex Jones on Brain chips in monkeys , Humans next?

Alex welcomes back the show author and political activist Mark Dice. Mark is the founder of The Resistance, an organization that engages in political activism, culture jamming, boycotts, pop culture criticism, and floods mainstream radio call-in shows that do not cover the Illuminati, Freemasons, Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove, and the Bilderberg group. In June 2008, Dice launched a campaign urging people to send letters and 9/11 inside job DVDs to troops stationed in Iraq. In response, neocon radio talk show host Michael Reagan called for Dice’s murder. Dice is the author of The Resistance Manifesto, The Illuminati: Facts & Fiction, and The New World Order: Facts & Fiction, all available at the Infowars store. Alex also covers the latest news

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One Response to Alex Jones on Brain chips in monkeys , Humans next?

  1. Pamela Ida Prince says:

    They haven’t already? The next best thing was the hypnosis with drugs & suggestion/s – I would say things I did not know I was saying, especially after sleep deprived days on end & some stressful situations..

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