Mothers Of Darkness Castle in Belgium Illuminati Human Sacrifices

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8 Responses to Mothers Of Darkness Castle in Belgium Illuminati Human Sacrifices

  1. Ida Prince says:

    It could have its origins in some ancient religion.
    This one you may find unusual but it appears to come before Judism & Islam both precedes Christianity..

  2. Ida Prince says:

    You have a choice keep or discard my comments. I won’t be offended – this was among your above video group..

  3. drs10son says:

    Thank you for posting this video, could you please attach the castle owner’s names as a header to your video. Or perhaps here as I’m sure it would be helpful to others wishing to further investigate the owners of each castle you make reference to. As well, I’d like to just add how much I was touched about your motivation in making the video — the abduction of your beautiful young son. Furthermore, I can’t find the words to describe the frustration I feel at learning about all the harassment you’ve received from the do-nothing, and complacent local police and magistrates. It’s simple outrageous and insulting to see public officials and those whose duty it is to serve and to protect, to instead of doing their job to harass you for outing the Swiss Nazi Police to the world! As an American foreign investor turned researcher / Social Truther (who’s been forced to live in exile in the Republic of Colombia) and has resided in Colombia’s Coffee Zone for the past 8 years (for a white collar crime I didn’t commit, and state authority in California (my home state) won’t allow me to defend myself in (by imposing a fugitive dis-entitlement doctrine thereby stripping me of my right to self-defense when I’m not fugitive yet legally immigrated to Colombia), I sympathize with you as the victim of corrupt judges, police, and civil authority. Meanwhile, the world is asleep as they only believe in the deceptive campaigns mounted by out-of-control government and the New World Order. However, I believe the way to bring down this new mindless order is to keep posting vital information about the corrupt activities of the Rothschilds and their plan to spread death, terror, and disinformation through the Illuminati. Again, thanks for your video, it was very insightful. Anyone who has not seen it should because it not only shows the destruction of human life that these people are taking, but also shows how local authority is trained to do nothing except to harass the innocent victims of the Satanic rituals which are allowed to take place at these decadent brothels of inhumanity and human sacrifice of little innocent children. As the person who made this video shows you proof of what local authority has done in their attempts to discredit him, we should all be outraged that this type of wholesale misuse of shield by governmental figures, and thus it must be stopped. I, for one, propose that anyone who sees this video whereby they understand the tragic loss of this father’s two year old son at the hands of these butchers, should consider sending a letter of protest to the Swiss government or to your national representative!

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