So..Whats the safe Level of Radiation You can recieve? s.htm They looked at batches of 100 rats over 25 months. One batch was dosed with pulsed low level microwave radiation using conventional microwave oven electronics, while the other was unexposed the fact that the microwave-dosed rats had cancer rates about 3.5 times higher than the controls. The study showed an increase in both malignant endocrine gland tumours and benign adrenal gland tumours in the test animals. It also showed that the general immune systems of the exposed rats were malfunctioning; nearly all of the test rats eventually died from infections. The overall levels of specific cancers were low, but were highly significant when taken overall — 18 of the exposed rats developed tumours and only 5 of the control group. This evidence is accepted by activists as proof that R/F does promote cancer. odes/rps.cfm e_radiation.html Radiation from X-Rays and Medical Tests According to the American Nuclear Society, the following are the typical dose levels from various medical tests: Extremity (arm, leg, etc) Xray: 1 mrem Dental Xray: 1 mrem Chest Xray: 6 mrem Nuclear Medicine (thyroid scan): 14 mrem Neck/Skull Xray: 20 mrem Pelvis/Huip Xray: 65 mrem CAT Scan: 110 mrem Upper GI Xray: 245 mrem Barium Enema: 405 mrem It has been estimated that your chance of dying from cancer increases 10% if you accumulate a total of 250,000 mrem. This would be over 3,000 mrem a year over 80 years, for example. This estimates presumably assume a linear risk factor between dose and the chance of getting cancer, and there are those who now dispute such assumptions, which means the risks from low levels of radiation may be overstated. A single dose of around 450 R (450,000 mR) is usually considered produce death in 50% of the cases.

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  1. PeterBDunn says:

    Phone tumour
    27-year-old Anna and her doctor are convinced that her brain tumour formed because she was a heavy mobile phone user.
    as seen on today tonight pm of 11/11/10

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