Aaron Russo and Alex Jones interviews

for more try these links,





for your information , i heard on of these on brian Whiltshires 2GB

broadcast pm  worth listening to along with  infowars and alex jones and prison planet.com

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5 Responses to Aaron Russo and Alex Jones interviews

  1. Pamea says:

    Maxed out my internet – have to wait for next month viewing. They will have to manage without me – –

  2. Pamea says:

    More Farm Land falling into hands of Foreign Interest. With food prices rising / poor quality imports/ mining encroches on fertile land/ council rates tripling – now rumor or reality:( how do they justify GST to b added to Food?? In Australia!

    • PeterBDunn says:

      Our pollies have been living the celebrity life for to long, the disparity between wages for what tehy actually do labour work wise and their superannuation /retirement packages far above and beyond what average workers are privy to,
      and as a result they are now running short of public monies and having to borrow from, the same people who are buying up our farm land , its treasonous!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ida Prince says:

    In UK they are protesting re a ‘work for dole scheme,’ which I am sure they have had before. There are always some who have the attitude, ‘why should I work,’ & seem to avoid the ‘net of re-training, sent to jobs they are not suited for & miles away from home,’ but most of us get caught up & comply as we are exhausted & weary from the mere Anxiety of not having regular work & a livable income! Here is a bit of UK history..
    p.s. some of the references won’t show, and the gentleman above says he is not ‘The Aron Russo” – see associated video at youtube.

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