Member Of Community Refused Meal At Warrawong community hall

on 17/11/2010 upon my attendance at the warrawong community hall to partake of the provided lunch, i commented to a male person/worker named terry about the fact that ATF fencing is getting paid public monies that could be other wise put to better use, than to fence off the quarter acre block of grass immediatley across the road from where this person works . I suggested he make call to ATF,
During this conversatioin a female complained inrelation to the F*** word. I then had to eexplain to her a prior magistrates ruling that, that word (F****) is no longer deemed to be offensive. a short time later i left the hall after eating my lunch.
Today the 18/11/2010 about 12.20pm i attended my local warrawong community hall , where people are paid under the preventipon of crime strategy from our premiers office(some $50,000 P/a) and i was again informed by one Maxynne Grahame that i am barred from the community centre for 6 weeks, whilst she poked me in my chest with her index finger. which made me walk backwards away from the hall where the food was being served. she then informed me that if i didnt leave the hall she would call the police. So i, made my self a cup of coffee, sat down. and asked other volunteers if I may be provided with a meal. To which a negative response was met. I then asked how this was constitutiional under the human rights act of 2004 and nobody would answer me , I was ignored. the Police didnt attend, and i left as i could see the obvious pre planned discrimination to deny me a meal for which they get paid to provide for the community. I later learned that other members of the community were denied a takeaway meal due to aparrently my stuffing “it” whatever “It ” is up for other people withim the warrawong community.
At 1408 hrs constable augaustini attended my flat in colmpany with a female officer alledging to me that i am banned from the hall for six weeks due to my violence and aggression? i asked him what was my violence and aggression? No reply was recieved i then informed the police in attendance at my door that i considered the request to be discriminatory and in breach of the human rights act of 2004. the police then placed some documents inbetween by screen and screen door. and left.

Human Rights Act 2004
An Act to respect, protect and promote human rights
8 Recognition and equality before the law
(1) Everyone has the right to recognition as a person before the law.
(2) Everyone has the right to enjoy his or her human rights without
distinction or discrimination of any kind.
(3) Everyone is equal before the law and is entitled to the equal
protection of the law without discrimination. In particular, everyone
has the right to equal and effective protection against discrimination
on any ground.
Examples of discrimination
Discrimination because of race, colour, sex, sexual orientation, language, religion,
political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth, disability or
other status.
14 Freedom of thought, conscience, religion and belief
(1) Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and
religion. This right includes—
(a) the freedom to have or to adopt a religion or belief of his or her
choice; and
(b) the freedom to demonstrate his or her religion or belief in
worship, observance, practice and teaching, either individually
or as part of a community and whether in public or private.
(2) No-one may be coerced in a way that would limit his or her freedom
to have or adopt a religion or belief in worship, observance, practice
or teaching.
16 Freedom of expression
(1) Everyone has the right to hold opinions without interference.
(2) Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right includes
the freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all
kinds, regardless of borders, whether orally, in writing or in print, by
way of art, or in another way chosen by him or her.
17 Taking part in public life
Every citizen has the right, and is to have the opportunity, to—
(a) take part in the conduct of public affairs, directly or through
freely chosen representatives; and
(b) vote and be elected at periodic elections, that guarantee the free
expression of the will of the electors; and
(c) have access, on general terms of equality, for appointment to
the public service and public office.
18 Right to liberty and security of person
(1) Everyone has the right to liberty and security of person. In
particular, no-one may be arbitrarily arrested or detained.
(2) No-one may be deprived of liberty, except on the grounds and in
accordance with the procedures established by law.
Schedule 1 ICCPR source of human
ICCPR source of human rights Schedule 1
A2004-5 Human Rights Act 2004
page 25
Unauthorised version prepared by ACT Parliamentary Counsel’s Office
column 1
column 2
column 3
column 4
ICCPR article
14 16 (1) right to hold opinions 19 (1)
15 16 (2) freedom of expression 19 (2), (3)
16 17 taking part in public life 25
17 18 (1)-
right to liberty and security of
ICCPR means the International Covenant on Civil and Political
international law includes—
(a) the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and
other human rights treaties to which Australia is a party; and
(b) general comments and views of the United Nations human
rights treaty monitoring bodies; and
(c) declarations and standards adopted by the United Nations
General Assembly that are relevant to human rights.

Justice Kirby said it all when he commented on the Spine Less sydney siders who were locked out of the Australian Constitution talkshe attended YOUR RIGHTS ARE PAID FOR IN BLOOD DONT FORGET THAT EVER.

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16 Responses to Member Of Community Refused Meal At Warrawong community hall

  1. pamea says:

    You are then ‘punished’ deprived of a meal because you exposed blatant mismanagement of funds.

  2. PeterBDunn says:

    hmm after having Police summonned to my flat after i was assaulted with three sharp poked to my chest by maxynne (an actual assaualt) and being refused a meal, i am considering laying a complaint with a view to laying charges under both common law re assault and the violations of the human rights act 2004 particularly,.. the following sections….
    14 16 (1) right to hold opinions 19 (1)
    15 16 (2) freedom of expression 19 (2), (3)
    16 17 taking part in public life 25
    17 18 (1)-
    right to liberty and security of
    deeply offended :-/

  3. Pamea says:

    I quick search on my browser { I am using my telstra prepaid stick} and search for this Community hall.. lol has a few of your entries at windows expolorer blog… and:-
    ******* quote
    COMMUNITY worker Maxyne Graham this week said recent media scrutiny of the violence, drugs and prostitution in the public housing estate areas of Warrawong had been over-exaggerated.

    “There are issues here, but they’ve put a lot of people in the same bracket,” Ms Graham said.

    “It’s one or two people who are causing the trouble.”

    Ms Graham is the co-ordinator of the Warrawong Community Kitchen and has been employed at the Warrawong Community Centre for the past nine years.

    “Some people have lived here for 15 years or more,” Ms Graham said. “There’s a real sense of community here. They can move, but they don’t want to because it’s their community.”

    Recent reports about the housing units in Greene, Todd and Bent Streets highlighted the sub-standard living conditions of many of the residents there, as well as the prevalence of drugs and anti-social behaviour.

    “There are a lot of people here that don’t cause any trouble,” she said.

    “Often the violence and drug dealing is by visitors and not from people in the area.”

    Lorraine Pope, 48, who is a volunteer at the Warrawong Community Kitchen agreed with Ms Graham’s views.
    “It’s really just a handful of people – everyone else seems to be all right here,” she said.
    Ms Pope lived in the public housing areas of Warrawong for about ten years before recently relocating to Windang.

    However, she said she felt unsafe living in a caravan park in Windang and would soon be moving back to the housing estates in Warrawong. ” ……………………

    SHE GOES ON TO SAY ” Ms Graham acknowledged that much of the living conditions in the estate required upgrading, such as a lack of security doors.”
    Go for it Pete… mention how long it is taking to get those screens fixed!

    • PeterBDunn says:

      thanks pam ive already been to the lake times site i left a comment several days ago which i am still awaiting to be moderated on, and i sent Mr Mclaren(the journo) an e mail. we know whats goling to happen there now dont we, so ….because i bring a social money wasting issue up to terry, who attempts to downward delegate to me ,to do something about it , re the atf fence situation, I then commented to him that hes completing his education qualifications whilst working at the community hall instead of pay ing attention to a situation going on right across the road from where he works, .. then some lady complains re a word deemed inofensive by our magistrates,… they had time to formulate a plan of attack, … Then yesterday I peacefully walk into the community hall for lunch, maxynne walks towards me and agressivley pokes me in the chest 3 times stating “your barred for six weeks” and she attempted to hand me a letter. later the police arrive at my flat and instead of taking a report of my complaint re a breach of the human rights act 2004 they walk away? Mz popes boyfriend Mr Muir is seeking compensation for the smoke damage re his clothes an earlier lake times article, i bet he’ll be waiting a while, i cant believe the hyprocyracy re the whole thing.
      so i Blog and Comment away. Ide lay assault chagges if i wasnt concerned re the Continuance meal service at the hall for the public !!! I tell them the truth send them e mails re chemtrails , Health issues, the sugar making process (to negate donnas disimformation that they make brown sugar by injecting molasses into white sugar….LOL) … and they are attempting to paint me as violent abusive agressive. Obviousley they derive no pleasure in keeping to their mission statements and Statements of values.. oh may bi it was me asking if they have a permit to collect monies from residents for the take a way meal container 50 cents per container,… oooowwww did i hit a nerve,??? Where are our countries Oathkeepers??? ps yes thats maxynne in another newspaper article “Fighting the Good Fight” ,.. Laughable isnt it.!

    • PeterBDunn says:

      in the article the other side of warrawong the piccy is of a tennant, lorraine, not maxynne her piccy, on wordpress. and live spaces by the way i did leave a comment on that article we’ll have to wait to see if it is allowed by the moderator the prior comment still isnt up so ???

  4. Pamea says:

    p.s. OH..MY GOSH..That article March 24th 2009
    Just how long does it take to fix a few screens?
    Is the Picture of Ms Graham ?

    • PeterBDunn says:

      yes re mz grahame and heres another link
      They winge re lack of funding,.. but they collect monies vide a breakfast, then give the monies collected along with their details and an application to be used as a medical guinea pig! ? To the 80 Billion dollar year profit makers teh phamacutical companies for cancer research. Why weernt teh monies kept fo use at the community hall instead of giving it to teh wealthy elitists? I just dont understand their thinking or is the Flouride treatment working effectivley on their pineal glands?? and it makes me wonder…………

  5. pamea says:

    Tried to comment on big breky.:( see e mail. Unfriendly paper – i it in partnership wth drug @ chemical companies?

  6. PeterBDunn says:

    whats a denial of natural Justice!!…intelligent deception, hypnotising sheep to turn on their own kind? the divide and conquor techniques of the elitests to further their eugenics adgenda. Wake up before it’s to late, ” were in a lot of trouble ” immortal technique , otep “rise rebel resist”

  7. bet365 says:

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  8. PeterBDunn says:

    Charitable Fundraising Act 1991 No 69

    Status Information

    Currency of version
    Current version for 6 July 2009 to date (accessed 27 November 2010 at 03:33).

    charitable purpose includes any benevolent, philanthropic or patriotic purpose.

    organisation includes any board of trustees or other body of persons, whether incorporated or unincorporated.

    Division 4 Requirements to be met by fundraisers

    22 Keeping of records

    (1) A person or organisation that conducts or has conducted a fundraising appeal must keep, in accordance with this section, records of income and expenditure in relation to each such appeal.
    (2) The records must:
    (a) be kept in writing in the English language or so as to enable the records to be readily accessible and readily convertible into writing in the English language, and
    (b) include any particulars required by the regulations, and
    (c) subject to the conditions of any authority, be kept at all times at the registered office of the person conducting the appeal, and
    (d) be kept for a period of at least 7 years (or such shorter period as the Minister may approve) after the receipt of the income or the incurring of the expenditure to which they relate.
    (3) A person or organisation that contravenes this section is guilty of an offence. In the case of an unincorporated organisation, every trustee or other person who, at the time of the offence, was a member of the governing body of the organisation is guilty of an offence.

  9. PeterBDunn says:

    Volunteer grants announced
    More than 7,200 community organisations across the country will benefit from $21 million in Australian Government funding for volunteer grants.

    Under the program, grants of between $1,000 and $5,000 are provided to non-profit organisations. Organisations to receive funding include Surf Lifesaving clubs and peak bodies, Keep Australia Beautiful, St Vincent de Paul Society and Parents and Citizens associations for schools around the country.

    For the full list of successful organisations, please go to the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs website

    Community Infrastructure Ideas Register
    ALGA commissioned PricewaterhouseCoopers to undertake a study onto the financial sustainability of local government. ONe of the key recommendation from this report was a proposal for the establishment of a new federal government community infrastructure initiative. This fund would assist council to replace aged and failing community infrastructure such as swimming pools, community halls, libraries etc.
    Score: 37% | Date: 28 March 2007 | Size: 8 kb

  10. PeterBDunn says:

    Intellect alone is a dry and rattling thing. – Ilka Chase, American author, actress, humorist (1905-1978)
    During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act. – George Orwell, writer (1903-1950)
    Whenever ‘A’ attempts by law to impose his moral standards upon ‘B’, ‘A’ is most likely a scoundrel. – H.L. Mencken, writer, editor, and critic (1880-1956)
    History is the record of an encounter between character and circumstances. – Donald Creighton, Canadian historian (1902-1979)
    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. – The Declaration of Independence, 4 July 1776

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