Letter Recieved, Photos of fenced off grass.

Some times a picture is worth a thousand words.

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2 Responses to Letter Recieved, Photos of fenced off grass.

  1. pamea says:

    ”Australian Food Authority is working toward ensuring that all food businesses implement food safety systems to ensure food is safe to consume in a bid to halt the increasing incidence of food poisoning, this includes basic food safety training for at least one person in each business. Smart business operators know that basic food safety training improves the bottom line, staff take more pride in their work; there is less waste; and customers can have more confidence in the food they consume. Food Safety training in units of competence from a relevant training package, must be delivered by a Registered Training Organization (RTO) to enable staff to be issued with a nationally-recognised unit of competency code on their certificate. Generally this training can be completed in less than one day. Training options are available to suit the needs of everyone. Training may be carried out in-house for a group, in a public class, via correspondence or online. Basic Food Safety Training includes:
    • Understanding the hazards associated with the main types of food and the conditions to prevent the growth of bacteria which can cause food poisoning
    • The problems associated with product packaging such as leaks in vacuum packs, damage to packaging or pest infestation, as well as problems and diseases spread by pests.
    • Safe Food handling. This includes safe procedures for each process such as receiving, re-packing, food storage, preparation and cooking, cooling and re-heating, displaying products, handling products when serving customers, packaging, cleaning and sanitizing, pest control, transport and delivery. Also the causes of cross contamination.
    • Catering for customers who are particularly at risk of food-borne illness, including allergies and intolerance.
    • Correct cleaning and sanitizing procedures, cleaning products and their correct use, and the storage of cleaning items such as brushes, mops and cloths.
    • Personal hygiene, hand washing, illness, and protective clothing.
    People responsible for serving unsafe food can be liable for heavy fines under this new leglislation, consumers are pleased that industry will be forced to take food safety seriously ” Wiki…

    ”Behind the glamour and glitz of the bartending industry, lies a serious side to the industry. Before embarking on your bartending career, there are mandatory courses you must do such as your RSA certificate. You may also have to complete your RCG certificate and learn about proper food handling and preparation. Read more about how you can improve your bartending skills.”

    Proper food handling & preparation ~ there is a proper way to go about this, BUT
    I have discovered there is a lot of short-cut (corrupt ways) that Council employees such as Maxine give an OK to the Sheepies … The Law for Food Handling by Volunteers requires the same care as an employee in Hospitality.

    Were I come to NSW my Qld Certificate would not count, I would be required to get a NSW one as each state of OZ is different…

  2. pamea says:

    see above…


    Plenty of room for improvement..
    I did extensive training in ‘safe food handling’ in the Abbottor2000/1
    ‘Western exporters ”
    [Nov 7, 2008 … The Western Exporters Abattoir in Charleville was forced to close earlier this year because it could not find enough workers. …]
    Most of their workers are now from Vietnam ~ sponsored by the Company..

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