Cannabis Oil kills all known bugs including MRSA

Posted by Sweettina2 on November
19, 2010 at 11:05pm

Investigators at Italy’s Universita del Piemonte Orientale and Britain’s University of London, School of Pharmacy reported in the Journal of Natural Products that five cannabinoids – THC, CBD, CBG, CBC, and CBN – “showed potent antibacterial activity” and “exceptional” antibacterial activity against two epidemic MRSA occurring in UK hospitals.

The authors concluded: “Although the use of cannabinoids as systemic antibacterial agents awaits rigorous clinical trials, … their topical application to reduce skin colonization by MRSA seems promising. … Cannabis sativa … represents an interesting source of antibacterial agents to address the problem of multidrug resistance in MRSA and other pathogenic bacteria.”.


The more I look into hemp oil the more I am convinced of what an awesome plant it is! Bryan, as I nurse I have given it in pill form, the route we take shouldnt make a difference IMO. And, its not physically addictive!

So to those Enforce ment officers Denying People their Rights To Good Health, Legalise Cannabis NOW   and Stop Your Eugenic  Crap against us  WAKE UP.

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5 Responses to Cannabis Oil kills all known bugs including MRSA

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      • PeterBDunn says:

        New Study Reveals How Cannabis

        Suppresses Immune Functions
        NOVEMBER 26, 2010

        Photo Credit: iStockphoto
        Cannabis Compounds Found to Trigger

        Unique Immune Cells Which Promote

        Cancer Growth

        An international team of immunologists

        studying the effects of cannabis have

        discovered how smoking marijuana

        can trigger a suppression of the

        body’s immune functions. The

        research, published in the European

        Journal of Immunology, reveals why

        cannabis users are more susceptible

        to certain types of cancers and


        The team, led by Dr Prakash

        Nagarkatti from the University of

        South Carolina, focused their research

        on cannabinoids, a group of

        compounds found inside the cannabis

        plant, including THC (delta-9

        tetahydrocannabinol) which is already

        used for medical purposes such as

        pain relief.

        “Cannabis is one of the most widely

        used drugs of abuse worldwide and

        it is already believed to suppress

        immune functions making the user

        more susceptible to infections and

        some types of cancer,” said Dr

        Nagarkatti. “

      • PeterBDunn says:

        me thinks this article saying cannabis causes cancer ,is propoganda to keep a herb your creator made for your benefit not abuse, from you, so someone else can convince you to buy their brand of poision. ;-/

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