What are these Things around our sun ?

All of this going on and what do we get from NASA? Earth born microbes that eat arsenic… This is a 42 minute video time lapsed to the 15 minute limit what is tha thing about 12 min 16 seconds in and how can it survive so  close to the suns heat?

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2 Responses to What are these Things around our sun ?

  1. PeterBDunn says:


    Aliens in the NASA Archives – More

    Stunning NASA UFO Anomalies

    Captured On Film

    Edgar Mitchell – BIOGRAPHY

    US Naval Aviator

    Instructor at the Navy’s research pilot

    Astronaut selection – 1966
    Backup LMP for Apollo 10
    LMP for Apollo 14 – lunar landing (Fra

    Mauro highlands)

    Bachelor of Science in Industrial

    Management from Carnegie Mellon

    Bachelor of Science from the U.S.

    Naval Postgraduate School,
    Doctor of Science in Aeronautics and

    Astronautics from MIT,

    Honorary Doctorates in engineering

    New Mexico State University,
    the University of Akron,
    Carnegie Mellon University,
    and a Doctor of Science from Embry

    -Riddle University.

    Awarded the Presidential Medal of

    the United States Navy Distinguished

    three NASA Group Achievement


    Inducted into the Space Hall of Fame

    in 1979
    and the Astronaut Hall of Fame in

    Nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize in

    Member of Kappa Sigma fraternity
    Advisory Board Chairman of the

    Institute for Cooperation in Space,

    Co-founder of The Institute of Noetic

    Sciences (IONS) to encourage and

    conduct research on “human


    Also, I may as well draw attention to

    the fact that more than once in this

    interview, Dr. Mitchell mentions a “60

    -year” timeframe for this coverup

    (The “Roswell Incident” was in 1947

    remember), and he confirms that the

    reverse-engineering of advanced alien

    technology has been going on since

    then. This is VERY important for many

    reasons, and knowing this, you must

    also realize and accept that what you

    think may be “State Of The Art”

    technology in the public realm is in

    fact DECADES behind the true

    “Beyond State Of The Art”

    technology the military industrial

    complex have covertly developed and

    have been playing with (paid for by

    all of you of course!).

    Also, be sure to check out Jose

    Escamilla’s new motion picture

    documentary “MOON RISING”, where

    we go into much further depth about

    what is, without exaggeration, the

    most monumental coverup in human

    history. You have NO idea what you

    have been missing!

    Doctor Edgar Mitchell , Lunar Module

    Pilot for the Apollo 14 mission and

    the sixth man to walk on the Moon.

    This particular interview is from July

    of 2008, and as you will hear,

    Mitchell is VERY candid about the

    existence of intelligent extra-

    terrestrial life and of the long-term

    and on-going effort to conceal this

    information from the public. In

    addition to his fame as an Apollo

    astronaut, here is a brief look at

    some of Doctor Mitchell’s other very

    impressive credentials. He is not

    exactly some “crazy hick farmer

    talking about swamp gas”, now is he?

  2. pamea says:

    ”Sorry this contains a malformed video”
    So they need to be, Sorry that is..
    Gone to great lengths not to show..
    Still, Peter Rocks!
    for trying to spread the word.

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