What is Debt Jubilee…..?

The alternative to the revaluation of gold, seriously suggested by some respectable economists, is a complete debt-jubilee, that is, forgiving any and all dollar-denominated debt, starting with the government debt through mortgages and corporate debt, all the way down to the short-term liabilities of banks, including bank deposits.


Sautter invited the World’s Alliance to hold the organization’s jubilee celebration in Paris in 1905.
—Pursuit of an Unparalleled Opportunity: The American YMCA and Prisoner of War Diplomacy among the Central Power Nations during World War I

Founded in 2003, we are now in our seventh year — our jubilee year, our year of renewal — and we believe that it’s time for market-driven approaches to poverty alleviation.
—The Huffington Post, “Saul Garlick: A Jewish New Year: A New Approach to Philanthropy”

They have little shops with names like Israel Electrics, Zopa Goldsmith, and Ebenezar Foto, and are the only segment of the population that has an explanation for the mautam: the famine comes because they have not been observing the “jubilee” rite, prescribed in Leviticus, which enjoins Jews every 50 years to “neither reap nor sow,” free their slaves, and forgive all debts.
—Vanity Fair, “Waiting for the Plague”

In Braintree, Massachusetts, the birthplace of Adams, the Reverend Josiah Bent recalled the original meaning of a jubilee as an occasion for freeing slaves, and challenged his audience to live up to the biblical precedent.
—Founders Chic

These words in “TIME” magazine’s cover story: “It’s one thing to expect someone to die; it’s another to look forward to that day, not secretly, guiltily, but openly, eagerly, a morbid jubilee.”
—CNN Transcript Dec 16, 2001

The Holy Father started this as a jubilee year and jubilee and jubilation are related.
—CNN Transcript – Larry King Live: How Does the Christian World View the Popes Pilgrimage to the Holy Land? – March 22, 2000

“Let us make it possible for future generations to look back on this fifty years ‘jubilee conference as the prelude to an epoch, an epoch where the instinctive solidarity between the people of the world is mobilized in a joint worldwide attack on poverty.”
—The Nobel Peace Prize 1969 – Presentation Speech

But a heathen could bind himself as an _evedh_ for longer than six years; and thus his service, unlike the Hebrew, could be “bought” as “an inheritance for your children after you,” but, like the Hebrew voluntary “for ever” servants, they were bondmen for the longest time known by the law — till death or the jubilee.
—Is Slavery Sanctioned by the Bible?
Among the numerous dedications to the genii of the planets we mention the seven days of the week, the seven stories of the tower of Babylon, the seven gates of Thebes, the seven piped flute of Pan, the seven stringed lyre of Apollo, the seven books of fate, the book of seven seals, the seven castes into which the Egyptians and East Indians were divided, and the jubilee of seven times seven years.
—Astral Worship

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  1. PeterBDunn says:

    Im sure maxynne and donna would like to ban die hydron monoxide tooo because sharkes live in it that attack people, it can drown things, it causes rust and decay man lets ban water too Now thats another BLOND idea too hey…..

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