They Deny You a meal and have you arrested one day the next they’re recieving awards???

The day  before this photo was taken ,and  the article was written Both  above ladies maxynne and donna (right seated) refused me a meal and ,had me arrested for exercising my right to enjoy public life  and take part in public acivities all because, months ago Maxynne decided not to buy raw sugar as  from her words to me  “it ‘s to much  of a hassle” ?   so after  submitting e mails to her employer, reading an e mail out for the information of hall attendees re the negative effects of white sugar, for which i recieved a  weeks banning.. she eventually changed her mind and now patrons are privy to a choice of raw or white sugar for their use.  Donna informed me that they inject  molasses into white sugar to make  raw sugar,  yeah may  be with artificially made sugar  not the natural stuff. and she denies telling me  she wanted me to” go away”?  Why Because i recognised the  Spearhead of the Eugenics plan they were attempting to implement by denying members of the public they  recieve a wage to  serve, nutricious raw sugar. they tried to only purchase white ,which for their budgetory requirements,  is dearer to purchase as it is over processed white stuff.   And all the while winge and moan they  dont have enough funding to run the place or to have a room for musicians to  use  but aparrently theres always a room for card playing ??

  We had a new lady placed into the  area by mental health, who, brought her family to the hall  and maxynne organises Newspapers to take her photo  for publicity purposes , yet when this lady  was scheduled,.. was there any press attention or help ,to bring to the light the  injustice of her being removed from her premises without breaking any laws. 

No because thats not positive publicity to enable them to keep their Just Over Brokes. (JOBS)

  A report of discrimination was submitted to the anti discrimination board against maxynne for discriminating against residents on 8/3/2010 by locking some out and letting others in .  Ms Poole replied  noting my complaint but not taking any action re same.

  I wonder why..   I also wonder why  Im told im  violent and agressive for reading out an e mail and  expressing my opinion but maxynne can poke me in the chest 3 times, lock doors  preventing the free flow of patrons to enjoy the meal shes paid to provide to the community between certian times of the day.  and shes denied  hall patrons other than myself meals and takeaway meals.  Why?

 A week  prior to my arrest i  sent an email to the Comissioner of Police’s office vide the NSWPD website, and i  emailed the head of  Mental Health services NSW re maxynne  calling mental health workers  to attend my address  along with Police  which  I find harassing. 

I hope they have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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16 Responses to They Deny You a meal and have you arrested one day the next they’re recieving awards???

  1. PeterBDunn says:

    Maxynne has proported to me twice that White sugr is cheaper to buy than raw? Another lie So i attended the community centre and again read out loud the detrimental effects of sugar to them , they turned their backs and walked away but not before they said to me,” I find your manner offensive i want you to leave the hall” So i said to them thank you for further evidence of your discrimination against people and you obvioius neglect of your duty of care principles. Thanks for answering the e mail i sent to you re the Ethical impications of your decisioins.
    tread on me and ill bite you on the heel …
    Sec Semper tyrranas
    14 hours ago
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    Picture of peter dunn
    peter dunn

    after submitting prior discussion (above ) I attended the Warrawong Community Hall for lunch and was there greeted by Constable Obrien and off sider, who handed me a piece of paper banning me from the hall prepared by Maroon germanous? the alledged tennants/ residents forums spokes person, but signed by maxyne Grahame..?this document alledges that i was abusive/agressive, in outlining the adverse effects of white sugar that they lie and proport is cheaper and better for one that Raw or Brown sugar. I informed the Police that i considered the document only worthy of toilet paper and that I have a guaranteed constitutioinal right of freedom of speech and as such would be ignoring the oligarks request vide paper.
    just wondering who these people think they are.!!!!
    Above a partial re reposting of an earlier blog!9E7440A711591!242

  2. PeterBDunn says:

    Im sure maxynne and donna would like to ban die hydron monoxide tooo because sharkes live in it that attack people, it can drown things, it causes rust and decay man lets ban water too Now thats another BLOND idea too hey…..

  3. idaprince43 says:

    I empathise with you on this, but little can I do but say ‘Karma; ‘ what goes around..

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  5. PeterBDunn says:

    We have let employed servants ( like, lets say cooks and cleaners) into our House (Our Country of Australia) And whilst they are doing the job they are employed/elected to do, they are teling their employer (Us the People) that they are putting their wages up, going on hollidays over seas, giving monies to other Millionairs, and they are telling you to increase their wages and that you have to work harder and pay more taxes , and extra for water and electricity prices, just because they say so, Any sane employer would fire such an employee, but just like the volunteers pictured they are letting their sevants be masters over them, and they accept the fact that electrical items which are protected by security screens are considered to more of an assett to their landlords than they are , and they pay fortnightly rent for that priviledge.!!

  6. PeterBDunn says:

    Ho humm another Police Visit 9.30am today 14/12/2010 (more harassment) aparrently maxynne has taken out an advo alledging i threatened to Shoot her and others, ( Lie) and that i make demeaning comments to women generally? .. sigh more mud slinging , i must have touched a nerve re the charitable collections act authority i dont see hanging on her office wall as per regulations. Court date 15/12/2010 PKLCrt I dont have to defend a lie i have no ill will towards maxynne all i ask is that she does her Job without discrimination, This is just her way of a Reprisal.
    sticks and stones and onus of proof is upon the accusor. I didnt state that i would shoot any one I dont have a gun. as Police are well aware. This only furthers my interest in Maxynnes Ethics, of which im still awaiting a reply to my e mail to her.
    but she has plenty of time to engauge police with fairy tales.

  7. PeterBDunn says:

    Scientific investigation beats, poliotiical dogma, every time,
    here we go with a resistance rhyme, come on people I think its time
    to wake up to the criminal, murdering, drug dealing, New world Order Swine
    Have you heard of Codex Aleminterius and Majika,
    The New World Order want to decieve and trick ya,
    J.P. Holdren and his Geo Eugenics book
    Madoff and his banker mates, a crook is a crook, well at least in my books .
    terraforming the planet since 1974, G.P.S. tracking, google streets to your front door,
    Chemtrails and vaccines, Flouride in the water, and more
    Rosthchilds and Rockafellas, Builderburgers, Bohemian Grove, I could list more
    of the Satanic bore, Such a wild C.I.A Child, telling lies and keeping others blind
    while with your plans, others you entwine, as you let crawl, that N.W.O. slime
    whilst shearing the sheep, into the sublime, of Trilions in debt,
    but hey it aint your neck, or liberty thats taken from thee.
    Due process is slipping away, when discrimination is the day,
    Principles of Resposity and Reforms of Bedlam ignored and taken away
    libertys tree is getting thirsty, for the traitors blood and obliging are the strong and free, the sons of liberty.
    if it is our rights you are trying to take from me.
    there is a solution, an information revolution, Co2 is not a pollution, the sun has its own 12 year cycle
    cop that Mr gore, go on,.. on ya bicycle
    The Left Right Paradime, labour, liberal or greens, which ones this time
    Time to wake up and see who pulls the strings, and understand the Reality of things.(end poem)

    Bullying from managers or supervisors represented about 50 per cent of cases, while 25 per cent of respondents reported being targeted by other employees.
    Gender proved no barrier to the behaviour, with almost equal numbers of male and female perpetrators, the survey found.
    Both sexes were also equally targeted by workplace bullies.
    Poor management of the issue by companies was also revealed, with just 30 per cent of victims and 50 per cent of witnesses satisfied with their employer’s response to incidents.
    Drake International said the results were disappointing and worrying from an organisational perspective.
    “Bullying is an identifiable psychological hazard in the workplace and therefore this is not just a conduct issue,” Drake’s national client services manager Judy Harper said.
    “Organisations need to do more – as a minimum they have a statutory duty of care to manage and control this inappropriate and damaging behaviour.”

  8. PeterBDunn says:
    A senior government source told The Australian the stand-off had resulted from “a clash between the government’s objectives of good public policy benefits to the state versus bloody-mindedness of the individual state-owned companies”.

  9. PeterBDunn says:

    Update, went to court re the alledged Advo, Maxynne who was in company with Mr Germanous who runs the illawarra legal centre, (they produced the document banning me in 1st instance cookie cutter type, ie two wolves and a sheep deciding whats for dinner..) I submitted to the magistrate my rights under constitution and human rights act, and although No evidence was heard, or placed before him, he found that maxynne also has similar rights in her workplace, which i agree with but what evidence apart from the fairy tale complaint re her allegatioin outlined in the ADVO ( and we all know the growth industry the advo system has been to the courts for fine/revenue raising !!) , so as a result im banned by the illawarra legal centre, im bailed by Police to stay away, and now im under court orders to stay away from not only from the hall but also maxynne, whome i never approach( unless i have an enquiry re a mattter as per her portfolio) i attend the hall for a meal, eat have a conversation with other hall attendees and leave, but when i notice peoples rights being denigrated I have my rights of freedom of expression to announce my displeasure re same. theyve gone to a lot of trouble to deny me christmas lunch and communal company, or is it to keep other members of the commnity un informed re world wide events unfolding likek the world wide water scam and chemtrails and aspartaime and the Eugenics plan vide J.P.Holdrens eco science book re population resources and environment. The system is rigged the NWO is attempting to move foward. but peaceful resistance will continue

  10. PeterBDunn says:

    [audio src="" /]
    a very interesting 2 hr long info re human resources from the

  11. PeterBDunn says:

    other stuff……………!9E7440A711591!234
    (Terr are pub servants)!BA8FF4AAC3AA4B3!1630.entry!BA8FF4AAC3AA4B3!1290.entry

    30 October
    Copy of e mail sent to local HCPC officer Residents concerns
    Subject: To Cathi HCPC re residents concerns
    Date: Sat, 22 Aug 2009 10:10:18 +1030

    Dear cathi,

    As per our earlier converstation i thought i would reduce our/the residents concerns to a few short points for your informatkon and necessary attention

    1. We the residents have real concerns and problems with being chemically sprayed with chemtrails. and we ask that you approach government to have this activity stopped. For further information google Australian professor exposes chemtrails and vaccines.

    2. We dont agree with the WHO and their alledged World health pandemic level 6 which we are currently still under See same video on google re australian professor who has exposed chemtrails and the vaccines.

    3. We are aware that progress is under way in relation to maintenance and security issues
    being addresses and work is under way, but we feel that this is some 8 years to late. but better late than never one supposes.

    4. We feel that it is unlawful for residents who havnt broken any laws to be extricated from their domiciles and scheduled in public mental institutions, as per what happenned to mz Jellicoe from 14 storey street port kembla on the 11 july, 2009, and when members of the public attend police stations and speak with officers rostered for enquiry counter duties(namley constable simpson port kembla) , who then turn around and tell members of the public that they wont be telling them anything,..
    this is neglect of duty and should be dealt with accordingly.

    below a link to a vid this means war….

    Fowarded for your inforamtion and attention


    5/54 Todd street Warrwong, 2502!BA8FF4AAC3AA4B3!1290.entry!BA8FF4AAC3AA4B3!1290.entry
    (doh15m icant get screen)!BA8FF4AAC3AA4B3!1474.entry!BA8FF4AAC3AA4B3!1512.entry

    20 June 2009
    My vid 32 Problems with DOH for my lismore friends!BA8FF4AAC3AA4B3!1136.entry

  12. PeterBDunn says:

    It may be love day but i dont fel it after being baned for life from my comunity centre for reading out an e mail because a hall manager purpousley purchases teh white poision (sugar) denying members of teh public choice as per their respective medical conditions then the court says the human rights act 2004 only applies to those special australians who live in teh ACT and because one exercises their freedom of speech principles you get fined $500.00 for your priviledge, and teh illawarra legal centre teams up with legal aid who refuse you their service ,making one be their own solicitor and then they wonder why teh un represented person loses tehcase especially when legal aid photocopies all ones documents one intends to use for ones defense then mails you a letter stating they are refusing one service. and in the back ground was Maroon Germanous from teh illawara legal centre overseeing his minioins as they gave evidence against a member of teh public they are suposed to Advocate for, but dont cause they are enjoying their ride on their Gravy train of their Just Over Broke. The NWO will take your rights too WARNING

    Write in Journal
    Sorry, your journal entry contains banned or inappropriate content (Tagged site) no freedom of speech on tagged Sec Semper Tyrranas

  13. PeterBDunn says:

    And heres another example of how the oligarks are comming down on your innocent actions to glean a fine from you cause our govts in debt and guess whos gonna be payin it off for them(your public servants, thats righ servants Not Your Masters)…. You silly.. whilsst they ride the Gravy train, and your childrens children will be still paying off teh bill they are racking up, Its Called RACKETERRING of your tax dollars for their benefit.. WAKE UP AUSTRALIA YOUR DREAMING!!!!

    Gladstone police Sergeant Matthew Russell told the Courier-Mail: “While we appreciate the activity is light-hearted fun, putting yourself and others at risk and breaking the law will not be tolerated”.

    He said planking on private property without permission could lead to trespassing charges and suggested anyone involved in high-risk activities deemed to be too extreme could also face charges.

  14. PeterBDunn says:

    Agenda 21 explained very well. Including implications it will have on humanity. Opinions within the video come in some cases from those that were in on the negotiations. Truly an interesting watch.

    Clips from Dr. Rima Laibow on Codex Alimentarius

    The bird flue , the swine flu and associated world wide pandemic, now the carbon tax and associated costs hmmmmm Wakey Wakey!!

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