Alex Jones Tells it Like it is.

What can I say after that 

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5 Responses to Alex Jones Tells it Like it is.

  1. PeterBDunn says:

    Scientific investigation beats, poliotiical dogma, every time,
    here we go with a resistance rhyme, come on people I think its time
    to wake up to the criminal, murdering, drug dealing, New world Order Swine
    Have you heard of Codex Aleminterius and Majika,
    The New World Order want to decieve and trick ya,
    J.P. Holdren and his Geo Eugenics book
    Madoff and his banker mates, a crook is a crook, well at least in my books .
    terraforming the planet since 1974, G.P.S. tracking, google streets to your front door,
    Chemtrails and vaccines, Flouride in the water, and more
    Rosthchilds and Rockafellas, Builderburgers, Bohemian Grove, I could list more
    of the Satanic bore, Such a wild C.I.A Child, telling lies and keeping others blind
    while with your plans, others you entwine, as you let crawl, that N.W.O. slime
    whilst shearing the sheep, into the sublime, of Trilions in debt,
    but hey it aint your neck, or liberty thats taken from thee.
    Due process is slipping away, when discrimination is the day,
    Principles of Resposity and Reforms of Bedlam ignored and taken away
    libertys tree is getting thirsty, for the traitors blood and obliging are the strong and free, the sons of liberty.
    if it is our rights you are trying to take from me.
    there is a solution, an information revolution, Co2 is not a pollution, the sun has its own 12 year cycle
    cop that Mr gore, go on,.. on ya bicycle
    The Left Right Paradime, labour, liberal or greens, which ones this time
    Time to wake up and see who pulls the strings, and understand the Reality of things.(end poem)

    Bullying from managers or supervisors represented about 50 per cent of cases, while 25 per cent of respondents reported being targeted by other employees.
    Gender proved no barrier to the behaviour, with almost equal numbers of male and female perpetrators, the survey found.
    Both sexes were also equally targeted by workplace bullies.
    Poor management of the issue by companies was also revealed, with just 30 per cent of victims and 50 per cent of witnesses satisfied with their employer’s response to incidents.
    Drake International said the results were disappointing and worrying from an organisational perspective.
    “Bullying is an identifiable psychological hazard in the workplace and therefore this is not just a conduct issue,” Drake’s national client services manager Judy Harper said.
    “Organisations need to do more – as a minimum they have a statutory duty of care to manage and control this inappropriate and damaging behaviour.”

  2. pamea says:

    Humid & miserable day… where is that storm? Saw Alex joking about the Royals.. not his usual style. I like it when he sticks to facts…this one too vague & general, think he was having a bad day too.

  3. PeterBDunn says:

    [audio src="" /]
    above link from teh re human resources… thats You. Got it yet??

  4. PeterBDunn says:

    ory #1: Past Medical Testing on Humans Revealed
    Background: A History of Secret Human Experimentation

    Story #2: Major Farm Animal Cloning Project Canceled Due to Death and Disease
    Background: Eugenics Began as a Family Affair, Says Historian

    Story #3: Ideas for a TV Show About ‘Conspiracy Theories’
    NWNW Flashback: Media Psyops

    Previous Episode: Japan’s CIA, CIA in Pakistan, Mayor Emanuel

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