WAR Against Working Families! Senator Bernie Sanders – Global System Collapse by NWO Design!

since 2005 80% of all new wealth has gone to the rich top elitests

just substitute  the word Australia when senator Sanders says america..   its  all a cookie cutter type of tyrrany

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8 Responses to WAR Against Working Families! Senator Bernie Sanders – Global System Collapse by NWO Design!

  1. Ida Prince says:

    If you can reduce your expenses, do.. Cut back the middle man – the big banks, massive franchise profits – [you can never get to see the top boss for complaints.]
    Even the local bakery – will run out of flour, oil etc. Fuel for their vehicles – just with Flood water cutting our roads. The trains have been at a standstill, may be the holidays are part to blame. Middle Class families get the extra baby bonus via the Employee but it appears it is OTHER FAMILIES & Ours – Tax money to supply that..http://www.youtube.com/user/NibiruMagick2012
    what one man does to balance his budget, worth a watch.

  2. Ida Prince says:

    There is more what is happening at http://bernie.org
    Top end of Australia has vast tracts of land – cattle, camels & wild horses are harvested to feed Indonesia. No family farms, no, no it has to be large co-orps to own. Moneys to develop comes from your tax funds..

    • PeterBDunn says:

      Yep,. Just wait Austerity for us whilst Pollies lve like celebrities along with their mates they funnel tax monies to vide contractual arrangements.. did the rum core ( the mob of selfish drunks without empathy for their fellow man) ever leave the australian parliment?? :-/

  3. Bluff it Amy says:

    *~:-) # Happy New Year

  4. Bluff it Amy says:

    Is Brisbane flooding being used for “more control? ” hard times ahead for family. They are comparing this to ‘KATRINA’ HOPEFULLY THE FOLLOW UP IS BETTER MANAGED. Now they bring up a cyclone in Coral sea. Over cautious? Alarmist? Time will tell.

    • PeterBDunn says:

      I hate to type/say it, but… HARRP And the Elitists Weather modification capabilities. steering hurricanes ect.. are all part of adgenda 21 and Eco Science
      Was it absolutley necessary to open all Four flood gates at once at a particular time to wreak havoc vide Our countries Water Management policies , or could the Dam Managers have opened only one Dam Flood gate , some months ago to prevent exactly what has happenned …? but what an opportunity to stimulate the economy vide new jobs re repairs ect. To bad re christmas presents , personal effects, furnatue fridges ect ect of victims…???
      Whos gonna ask the necessary hard questions? and what will the answers be,?? some dams have 2 levels one 100% mark and another over capacity mark of 200% how can anything be over 100% full ??? intelligent deception.
      so how bad was our drought really?? swere they informing us of teh 100% level mark or using the 200% water mark to make their water restrictions , Payments calculations they meeted upon the public…?? sigh…..

  5. Pamea says:

    Just as I was warming to Julia Gillards tv manner throughout the drama, now MARM wants to hit us with more taxes. Real danger of depression ~ with the last straw. ~

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