Banker money fraud debt , keeps few wealthy families fat and fkn happy. Arms race war machine impoverishes nations and spawns tax ripoff death kill. Evil drug laws make billions for money laudering black ops slush fund.Delusional imaginary freind psychosis spread to morons by assholes. Big pharma medicine lie , stamping on nature to keeps sick wallets alive . Mass extinction unoticed by gimme a coke , im loving it generation self. Destruction of our planet makes few people wealthy hurrah….

Check out   then ask yourself where is our govt going to get all the money for the next elecetion, and the flood repairs,.. thats right  from raised  taxes power bills and  on the adgenda is a tax on your breath exhalled that is, that plants breath in to photosynthasise.  Are we AWAKE  Yet?

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2 Responses to FKN Newz 010711 – TURN ON – TUNE IN – FUNK IT ALL

  1. Bluff it Amy says:

    Sons still working at mines, Gillards Cash Cow. ~ orange shirts everywhere (see having smokO local store ) rail wash outs fast track fix. ~ media dramatize S. E. Floods : over and over ~ that river has been silting up 200 YEARS. Homes built on filled in creek beds. REAL estate agents never warn buyer dangers – flood prone areas. + +cash cow will pay. Suggest a community garden for quick growing veg. ?

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