Keiser report (Ep119) Plastic Rice and …..

­Max Keiser digs up the scandal behind the financial news headlines. 

This week, Max and co-host Stacy Herbert talk about fake rice and real inequality. They also discuss a ‘new model’ that looks a whole lot like an old model called capitalism.  In the second half of the show, Max talks to Pierre Jovanovic, author of Blythe Masters, about credit default swaps, the Queen of commodities and Marie Antoinette.

Comments  welcomed after you have watched and being informed….

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One Response to Keiser report (Ep119) Plastic Rice and …..

  1. pamea says:

    Reminds me of the Plastic Milk they giave to Babies in China. Perhaps
    I doubt you would get your teeth through the Artificial Plants .. only mention of the subject other than Max Keiser … re blog as is here. Probably grow rice on the banks of the Brisbane River ~ with all that water around.. Irrigators of Murry/Darling system
    lost their irrigation liscence before the floods. ( just as Spotmore Predicted )
    p.s. left a comment + video – on a previous entry re Egypt revolt against NWO control of food.

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