The Lie as told by Pm Gillard

1st the ETS was put on the table then  Julia said what she did to get elected and she got in only because of the greens preferences, isnt it a bit like teh Y2k bug  scare and bird flu and tehn swine flu and teh world wide non pandemic fearmongering? 

Humans dont controle the weather or  cause climate change teh suns 11 to 12 year  cycle and its energy out put variations that  does.  take away teh sun  no climate  no weather  no people.  Wake up to their propoganda and lies.

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2 Responses to The Lie as told by Pm Gillard

  1. Pamea says:

    Usurper Government.!. Who are the back room boys & girls pushing to tax us all to the hilt, keep us subservient – all jelly for the mold for the world government masters.
    The Pope & Israel also have their finger in the Pie.

  2. PeterBDunn says:

    thanks for your comment pam ,yess…. the New World Order is pushing ahead with their adgenda 21 plan people need to wake up and realise what adgenda 21 and codex alimantarius is and how it will affect them!!!

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