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One Response to UN KILLS KILLERS TO STOP KILLING – FKN Newz 031911

  1. PeterBDunn says:

    after becomming a volunteer , learning of healthy foods and their vitamine value and bodily uptake, I objected to The purchase of white sugar by a certian hall manager who informed me it was to much hassel to do so, all the while winging her budget was in sufficient , So i read out an e mail, re the negative effects of white sugar, which results,,,( due to alledged aggressiveness and violence on my part by aparrently waving my arms about whilst reading same out for public information),.. In my being banned, which i ignored as their was no trial by jury to take away my freedom to enjoy public life, just someones differing opinion. So a document generated by the illawarra legal centre was produced by maxynne on publicly funded equipment to proport a denial of my constitutioinal rights, which resulted in a court hearing. Legal aid refused me assistance after taking a copy of all my documents intended to be used in my defence. On 11 march ,2011 at wollongong it was determined that i dont have freedom of speech as i dont live in the Austgralian Capital Territory and as such cant claim the spirit of the Human rights act 2004 extends to all australians…..


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