Can YOU Handel the Truth? ALEX JONES MEGA RANT!!!!

Uploaded by TheAlexJonesChannel on May 4, 2011

Alex has made many appearances on the overnight UK talk show talkSPORT. This particular show Alex goes off on a programed mind controlled subject who refuses to look up the sources of Alex’s topics. Enjoy as Alex tries to insert a red pill into another sheep. Here are some of the links to the articles Alex mentions during his MEGA RANT!!!,0,1632557….

Hey YOUTUBE — This clip is used with permission from the producers of talkSPORT —

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4 Responses to Can YOU Handel the Truth? ALEX JONES MEGA RANT!!!!

  1. pamea says:

    Is there a written format ?

  2. pamea says:

    Sex trafficking now increasingly involves UN peacekeepers.
    The Associated Press
    in Eastern Europe has reported that “[UN] officers [have secretly] forged documents
    for trafficked women, aided their illegal transport through border checkpoints into
    Bosnia, and tipped off sex club owners ahead of raids.”
    Apparently, Serbs and Albanians in the region can overcome political-ethnic differences to collaborate in sex trafficking, reportedly grossing US$1.5 million/week.
    Similar scenarios recur throughout the UN peacekeeping network, raising concern within the international organization itself not only for its internal management (sex trafficking directly violates theSecurity Council’s mandates for UN peacekeeping) but also for external public rela-SUMMER / FALL 2003 • VOLUME X, ISSUE 1
    Desire Industries: Sex Trafficking, UN Peacekeeping, and the Neo-Liberal World Ordertions.
    Kathryn Bolkovac, for example, was an American working for the Virginiabased DynCorp, a private security company contracted to the International Police
    Task Force (IPTF) in Bosnia. She was fired after reporting to her company and the
    U.S. State Department that other officers had participated in a prostitution racket. In
    2002, she won a case of unfair dismissal against the State Department.
    That same year, the UN held a conference in Turin, Italy on the problematic connection betweenprostitution, sex trafficking, and peacekeeping missions.”

  3. pamea says:

    The Power of the Super Moon

    Louis Proud had an article in
    Issue 126

    There was no new nexusmagazine this month in the newsagent so I bought a New Dawn instead


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