Alex Jones Points of view re tyrrany

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2 Responses to Alex Jones Points of view re tyrrany

  1. pamea says:

    I have just watched part 2…

    My children had the privilage of ‘true fresh milk’ when visiting their grand parents & uncle on their dairy farm on the outskirts of Ipswich, Qld ~ in the 1970’s & 80’s ~ throughout their growing years. Yes, fresh unpasturised milk is the best…

    Rock on Man! You tell them Pete..

  2. pamea says:

    I was side tracked re
    seaching for ‘tonsure’ which clearly connects to Babylon of Old.. & not the teachings of Christ Jesus.. nor the Peter of the Gospels..

    ”that there is some occult and mysterious virtue in an apostolic succession that comes through the papacy, let them seriously consider the real character of the pope’s own orders, and of those of his bishops and clergy. From the pope downwards, all can be shown to be now radically Babylonian”

    see my latest posting for more on this subject..

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