Radiation monitoring ANSTO

Radiation monitoring
ANSTO continually monitors environmental gamma radiation from a station located in Engadine, 3 km south-east of Lucas Heights in New South Wales.


The following information chart

(sourced from the World Nuclear

Association), gives an indication of the

likely effects of a range of whole

body radiation doses and dose rates

to individuals:

•10,000 mSv (10 sieverts) as a short

-term and whole-body dose would

cause immediate illness, such as

nausea and decreased white blood

cell count, and subsequent death

within a few weeks.
•Between 2 and 10 sieverts in a

short-term dose would cause severe

radiation sickness with increasing

likelihood that this would be fatal.
•1,000 mSv (1 sievert) in a short-

term dose is about the threshold for

causing immediate radiation sickness in

a person of average physical

attributes, but would be unlikely to

cause death. Above 1000 mSv,

severity of illness increases with

dose. If doses greater than 1000 mSv

occur over a long period they are

less likely to have early health

effects, but they create a definite

risk that cancer will develop many

years later.
•Above about 100 mSv, the

probability of cancer (rather than the

severity of illness) increases with

dose. The estimated risk of fatal

cancer is 5 of every 100 persons

exposed to a dose of 1000 mSv (ie.

if the normal incidence of fatal cancer

were 25%, this dose would increase

it to 30%).
•50 mSv is, conservatively, the

lowest dose at which there is any

evidence of cancer being caused in

adults. It is also the highest dose

which is allowed by regulation in any

one year of occupational exposure.

Dose rates greater than 50 mSv/yr

arise from natural background levels

in several parts of the world but do

not cause any discernible harm to

local populations.
•20 mSv/yr averaged over 5 years

is the limit for radiological personnel

such as employees in the nuclear

industry, uranium or mineral sands

miners and hospital workers (who are

all closely monitored).
•10 mSv/yr is the maximum actual

dose rate received by any Australian

uranium miner.
•3-5 mSv/yr is the typical dose rate

(above background) received by

uranium miners in Australia and

•3 mSv/yr (approx) is the typical

background radiation from natural

sources in North America, including an

average of almost 2 mSv/yr from

radon in air.
•2 mSv/yr (approx) is the typical

background radiation from natural

sources, including an average of 0.7

mSv/yr from radon in air. This is

close to the minimum dose received

by all humans anywhere on Earth.
•0.3-0.6 mSv/yr is a typical range of

dose rates from artificial sources of

radiation, mostly medical.
•0.05 mSv/yr, a very small fraction

of natural background radiation, is the

design target for maximum radiation

at the perimeter fence of a nuclear

electricity generating station. In

practice the actual dose is less.

For Your Information.  History has shown that humans  at times die for a lack of information.!



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2 Responses to Radiation monitoring ANSTO

  1. hemp says:

    ..The following consent language may be used for protocols that involve a single X- ray procedure and involve exposure to ionizing radiation that results in a total effective dose to the study participant that is less than or equal to 300 mrem millirem …..Abdominal X-Ray 1 film ..This study involves radiation exposure from an abdominal x-ray. The radiation dose you will receive in this study will give your body the equivalent of about 150 days worth of this natural radiation. This radiation dose is what you will receive from this study only and does not include any exposure you may have received or will receive from other tests.

    • PeterBDunn says:

      and if one recieves 4 head x rays at the dentist and then 2 more at the x ray clinic the dose according to your figures is 150 days worth times 6 now i find my hair starting to fall our bald patches appearing, like chemo hey. thanks elitists yummie yummie gimme me more radiation Please ,,,,,,,, NOT!!!!!!!. why did they have to take so many xrays of my teeth, cause they dont have the training of their predecessors. who would have made a visual examination,. without the side effects of their actions which i have to now live with !!

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