My Country My Ass link

Uploaded by skylla2012 on May 29, 2011

If you like this song, and political activism, you can help to get it on the air. Visit the official website, get all the info, and a free MP3, of the censored, or uncensored, versions.

If the u tube link/vid wont work  click on above link and follow links/prompts


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9 Responses to My Country My Ass link

  1. PeterBDunn says:

    Australians Just picture the Australian flag instead of the American. I read out an e mail re the Detremintal effects of white sugar at My Local Community Hall as a result i got banned,.. I ignored the unconstitutional (Not mandated, just a piece of paper printed on publicly funded equipment to take the rights of a citizen as they alledge information is violence.) , the continued to ban me so i continued to atend my community hall as is MY Right, the matter ends up in court and I get Fined???
    (I was told the Human rights Act 2004 only applies to those living within the boarders of teh Australian Capital Territory, Ignoring Common Law and the Magnacarta. but doesnt the ACT reside within the boarders of our great country Australia?
    Hmmm ……..Resistance to Tyrrany is Obedience to God….

    • pamea says:

      It is all very unfair.. Love your piece, great message to JILLARD & CO..
      The Cate Blanchette advertising for support in the Australian Federal Government’s CARBON TAX DEBATE ~ has drawn a number of FOR comments from X government ministers who now would be RECEIVING A NON TAXABLE CONSIDERABLE SUM OF PENSION…. for the rest of their miserable lives.. Blanchette is not the only rich-bitch in the equation.

      Biggest Ass is the now minister for climate change..
      Quote/ ”Combet’s association with the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) began in 1993 when he became a Senior Industrial Officer. In 1996 he was elected Assistant Secretary and in 2000, following the retirement of Bill Kelty, he became Secretary. Over his time at the ACTU, Combet has co-ordinated many union campaigns, including the ‘Cavalcade to Canberra’ of 19 August 1996 which resulted in 2000 breakaway protesters mounting a physical attack on the Australian Parliament.[4][5] He rose to further prominence during the 1998 Australian waterfront dispute and supported militant union protests during the campaign, saying “the laws were made against workers, and bad laws have to be broken.”[6] Combet also participated in campaigns to secure entitlements and compensation for the staff of the collapsed airline Ansett Australia and asbestos victims of the James Hardie company. In his capacity as Secretary of the ACTU, Combet led the campaign against the Howard Government’s WorkChoices industrial relations law changes.
      On 25 March 2007, The Sunday Age reported that senior Australian Labor Party figures had announced that Combet would run for election representing the ALP in the safe seat of Charlton in New South Wales.[7] However, later that day Combet told The Age newspaper that he was not planning an entry into federal politics at the 2007 election, preferring instead to continue leading the ACTU’s campaign against the industrial relations law changes.[8] On 4 May 2007, Combet confirmed his intention to run for Charlton.[9] The sitting member for Charlton, Kelly Hoare, expressed anger at losing preselection for her seat,[10] and for a time considered running as an independent.” //end of quote

      THE LABOR PARTY DUMPED KELLY HOARE when this clown chose to run for parliament.. He probably done more harm to the Unions.. Contractors receive much less pay than their counterparts employed direct by the big miners ( prob. never experienced having to work contract ?#)
      The big fellows like BMA have selectively chosen to employ contractors & use the FIFO or DIDO.

  2. PeterBDunn says:

    This privileged class is living the
    high life — on our money

    In federal parliament alone, the budget to support each of our 224 MPs in the past financial year was over $1,500,000– more than a third of a billion dollars in total

  3. Good review! This is exactly the type of information that needs to be shared around the internet. Shame on the Google for not positioning this post higher!

  4. Can you provide more information on this? take care

  5. pamea says:

    one of many mines.. even at my own back door…

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