Corbett report Bilderberg 2011: Background, Preview and Predictions

To understand the New World Order, The Georgian Guide stones, Adgenda 21, The Eugenic Depopulation Plans ,…one must first understand the mindset of the people within these organisations  I recommend people like Mr Corbett , Max Keiser,   Alex Jones, and Alan Jones to  give  you some inside info into this world wide
Adgenda Which ,…Peter Spencer tried to warn you about whilst up in  the Tree,,,, Look what they did to Alan Kessing,    Whats next poisioning  peoples drinking water,.. (Flouride and the affect on your pineal gland!!) changing basic foods  vide gene splicing/ manipulation, for more inspiration. Article Source: Link to this article:

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7 Responses to Corbett report Bilderberg 2011: Background, Preview and Predictions

  1. pamea says:

    Have I been hacked… this came out of the came up & I clicked back to this one… but when I tried to click back to it again… disappeared.. I will have to turn off my ADSL when I log off..

  2. pamea says:

    Searching for answer to why more Palm Oil is being grown, ( thinking it a substitute for butter) & surprise – classed as a nuisance along with Sugar Cane??

  3. On the basis of this agenda I think we can expect a lot of statements about cutting-edge cloud-technology trials in the next 12 months. This year Kissinger must be spitting chips. People love their leadersI know this sounds peculiar or at least it does to me but have quite commonly been met with outrage at the idea that we should submit Bilderberg to greater scrutiny.

  4. if the us keeps going in this direction the bond vigilantes at some of these hedge funds will target even the good old usa. ……Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our ……and ……. .

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