Alex Jones: The Time is at Hand & Alex Jones: Hell is Coming Rant!!


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11 Responses to Alex Jones: The Time is at Hand & Alex Jones: Hell is Coming Rant!!

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  2. PeterBDunn says:

    I remember a SBS documentary re the Public housing complex in redfern, the dept of housing who had the keys organised a big party invited all the
    residents, then a week after the party the found a deceased resident in their residence similar to a recent article re a woman deceased in her unit for eight years in Surry hills

    • pamea says:

      Hard to believe, Pete. The Authorities would be around to turf you out when you got behind in the Rent..An elderly resident in Redfern – how could they go unnoticed??
      And other gone 8 years, impossible to believe as someone must be paying the rates, reading the electricity, or did they just cut it off, no questions asked??
      I have a friend here in town who keeps a close watch on me.. takes me shopping etc.. & my son in next town usually on the phone every 2 or 3rd day.. With the demand on Accommodation for Mine Workers & Speculation that property is worth More as the weeks go by, Always a curious driveby..looking for signs of life.. even the Constabulary drive ever so slow, gawking.. LOL

  3. pamea says:

    Alex Jones has so Classics – this is one of the best.. you have got to laugh at antics of US Police. Are they appointed by the Sherrif? He/She must be a perv. & commitable too..

  4. pamea says:

    Different view of video by the film maker.

    Different to how Alex Portrays it..

  5. PeterBDunn says:

    please also see the 4 corners report on the 4th july 2011 Sri Lanka Killing feilds

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  7. PeterBDunn says:

    more info for those interested,…

    Obama Science Advisor Called For Planetary Regime To Enforce Totalitarian Population Control Measures In 1977 book, John Holdren advocated forced abortions, mass sterilization through food and water supply and mandatory bodily implants to prevent pregnancies

  8. german vps says:

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