Debt Lies & Bullshit Were you born to be lied to ?

Advocates paid your tax dollars sit across the road from this fence  behind which  is grass nearly an acre that the public is been deprived from using , Why?  so your tax dollars can be given  via contract to ATF fencing,  Go to www.debtclock  and take a look at what  your told you owe,  then ask whilst they sit behind air conditioined confort that  they dont pay for , the tax payer does,get new signage, take their weekly wages whilst Residents put up with their access and egress being denigrated, 3 blocks of 12 units have only 2  working washing machines to use and  clothes lines which have been moved are positioned  on uneven ground which is now  mud, and workmen walk mud into the common areas of bolcks when a  placed mat for feet wiping may solve matters. and residential WRF presidents sit back do nothing and  alledge that words are violence when if they had  CCTV cameras i could have used the footage to secure my innocence re their grievous allegations and lies.

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5 Responses to Debt Lies & Bullshit Were you born to be lied to ?

  1. PeterBDunn says:

    another link about 17 mins into , for some insight of whats in store for us here Dwn Under in Australia land,… Episode 168 of the Keiser report

  2. pamea says:

    She would put us to work …

    a good skit, eh?

  3. PeterBDunn says:

    please also see
    Economic Hitmen – Understanding NWO Mafia Corporatism Warfare – IMF Whistleblower John Perkins.mp4

  4. PeterBDunn says:

    A carbon tax why ? Cause they spent your Future Fund and they gave themselves a wage rise and so followed suit other public sector workers, they gave gigalitres of water away to overseas power companies whilst citizens must pay! and they want to Frack your States. Whose Bloody Country is this and what are we leaving for our children??
    some more Max and Tracey for you

  5. PeterBDunn says:
    Wednesday, 03 October 2012
    Alan Jones Comments 03/10/2012
    Alan Jones comments on the government wasting more funds on its ministerial staff.
    Target MPs for super savings: ex-minister

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