Judge Napolitanos Show Cancelled For Telling The Truth – MUST SEE !!



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Judge Napolitanos Show Cancelled For Telling The Truth


Take a look Around My fellow Colonists, A vote was taken by the labour party, they voted in a Liar, and rightly  Mr Rudd was placed on the back bench.

NASA  has warned re a comming solar event in 2012 and they are concerned re a solar EMP event which may affect satellites and power generation sites around the world,  and for some reason there is a rush to replace your Copper Telephone Network with a Fibre Optic cable.

Presently i enjoy my ADSL connection vide dodo for $40.00 per month   Plans are to double that amount for me a pensioner along with  every other pensioiner . 

 Section 53 of our Constitution is there for  a Reason , Read it and  understand our Government  cant implement any policy that is harmful to the general populous (generallyu speaking  see Australian Constitution Sectgion 53 for  full details) but the continue to proport that you a Carbon Based Life form is  Now  pollution and therfore deserve annother tax.

me thinks “Theres a hole in the bucket dear fellow colonists”….ect

The BER  the Pink Bats  scheme , the Christmas Island Medicare fiasco where your monies for health care are being given to  boat people b 4  you  the people who  actually paid into that fund via your taxes  vide PAYE  scheme Mr Combet and his 4 other staffers  hollidaying  on your hard earnt taxes, the ANZ  floating holliday rewards for certian employees.. Mr Rudd preseit in the background whilst adgenda 21 was signed rubbing his hands together smiling, how much  of your taxes  did he splash around …..



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  1. PeterBDunn says:



    RESERVE Bank governor Glenn Stevens has admitted his deputy was told in writing of corruption inside the bank’s operations in 2007, two years before the scandal became public and the bank called in federal police.

    But the Reserve is refusing to release the written briefing or the legal advice it says it relied on when it decided not to report alleged corruption to police.

    Mr Stevens told the federal parliamentary economics committee yesterday that deputy governor Ric Battelino, who retired this month, was told in writing about corruption in the Reserve’s currency firm, Note Printing Australia. The briefing was written by an unnamed NPA employee and detailed admissions made by NPA’s Malaysian and Nepalese agents that they had paid bribes on behalf of the firm.

    February 24 – 27 2012

    Applied DNA Sciences IQ FY 2012 financial results

    Australia – RBA officials knew about Securency corruption in 2007

    Australia – RBA denies any coverup in Securency case

    RBA governor Glenn Stevens appearing at the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Economics on Friday was asked about developments in the investigation since August in 2011.

    Advertisement: Story continues below “There were a series of claims in the newspapers reports that people in the Reserve Bank sought to cover this stuff up,” he said.

    “If that is what you are referring to let me be crystal clear, I unequivocally reject that; that is not true there is no basis to those claims at all,” Mr Stevens said in Sydney.

    Diebold in China

    GRG International in India

    India – black money scam

    Ireland – where has all of the old money gone?

    Israel – requiem for the shekel

    New Zealand – new banknote series will beat counterfeiters

    Nigeria – CBN & mobile money operations

    North Korea & US$100 counterfeiting

    Oman – 6 1/2 years for counterfeiting

    UK – smash-&-grab cash machine gang

    US – goodbye to the greenback or not?

    US – on the future of vending in America

    US – paying fees to send money to your friends

    US – when the US$1 was backed by silver

    US – why its so hard to transfer money to your friends

    US/Massachusetts – man gets a valuable 1929 US$20 in change

    US/Oklahoma – pennies all over the road

    Wincor Nixdorf & eServGlobal

  2. pamea says:

    There should be more ‘Freedom Radio’ and less of Fox Monolopy. http://petitions.conservativeactionalerts.com/6081/tell-fox-news-bring-back-freedom-watch/?m=2799332 – for our American Readers.

    You can read at youtube for more detail.
    http://www.joerogan.net/ guess it is not Fox..

  3. pamea says:

    On the Central Bank RBA further searching brought up a lot of non information & this:
    http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message1680855/pg8 (discussion)

    Anon from US writes: ” Your wrong.Australia has a private central bank.
    It may be called public(much like the bank in the USA is called federal),but it is not.To sit on the board you have to be a member of RBA(private banks). There is only one appointed member that represents the public.

    Legislation in 1951, removing the council, established another then 10-member board which consisted of Governor, Deputy Governor and the Secretary to the Treasury. This board took on the job of managing the Bank from the Governor. Many years later, the Reserve Bank Act 1959 took out the part of the Commonwealth Bank that executed central banking and placed it into the new Reserve Bank of Australia, while the commercial and savings bank functions stayed with the Commonwealth Bank.[2] This finally created a separate central bank for Australia in 1959, which took effect 14 January 1960, many years after several other nations already had one and similar to the early proposal by Treasurer Theodore.[2][7]

    In the mid 1960s, monetary authorities accepted Coombs’ conclusions and allowed a flexible interest rate, making it easier for the Bank to rely on open market operations.[7] The Exchange Control was abolished after the float of the Australian dollar occurred in 1983. In the five years after the Campbell Committee probe, 1979–1984, the financial system in Australia became deregulated. Another probe was the Wallis Committee in 1996, which took effect in 1998. The effects were the transfer of overseeing the banks from the RBA to the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) and the creation of the Payments System Board (PSB), which would attempt to maintain the safety and performance of the payments system. The Bank was given powers within the PSB through additional legislation in 1998.[2]

    In August 1996, then Governor-designate Ian Macfarlane and the Treasurer issued a Statement on the Conduct of Monetary Policy which restated the roles of the Reserve Bank and the Government of Australia. It affirmed government endorsement of the Reserve Bank’s inflation objective, which was introduced in 1993. A change of government in December 2007 led to another Statement, which was issued by both Treasurer Wayne Swan and Reserve Bank Governor Glenn Stevens. This amends previous statements by giving the Bank independence and encourages transparency and communication.[2]

    Since 2007, the RBA’s outstanding reputation has been affected by the ‘Securency’ or NPA scandal. These RBA subsidiaries were involved in bribing overseas officials so that Australia might win lucrative note-printing contracts. Australian press coverage, which has continued into late 2011, reflects concerns with the apparent laxity and tardiness of corrective actions undertaken by relevant RBA board members and officials. The matters were not referred to the Federal Police in 2007, although they are now, while in 2011 it has been revealed that the RBA had to correct evidence given to Parliamentary committees.” / end of quote
    I cannot find original reports of scandalous trading etc.. more cover up?

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