How we got into debt

Well,   after Australians Voted out the Liberal Party with Mr Howard and his Penny Pinching, saving  funds for your Childrens Future, Australia Voted and the Labour party took the Greens preferences and gained Power. Thence they set about travelling the world, splashing aid out to forign countries, attending Copenhagen conferences re, Global warming whilst it  snowed.

 Government and Public servant Numbers swelled thus the need for more  monies vide taxes to pay for these extra positions created.  Then we saw Mr Combet  take 45 of his  staffers on a  publicly funded hoilliday.

Now we contend with Farm lands Being Fracked for Gas Exploration,

Land  sold to  overseas Interests, You a carbon based life form are told Your Pollution and a tax must be paid on CO2.

1stly Julia  said there will be no carbon tax and once In office she flip floped and changed her mind, a bit like Obama /Soetero was given a peace prize,  he made certian statements,…  and then More wars Hussain and Giddaffie now Syria and the ensuing bloody mess.

The Price Rises re your Utility Bills are being funnelled into the World Conservation Bank fund of which Certian people have Shares in and profit  from.

Click on above link and  once page has loaded click on  click enter here  and  see the Corporate Networking Web for your self.

Sadly its a case of Your Servants Using Your Monies against You and Yours for the ends of their adgenda 21.

if you havnt seen it yet go to u tube and  search for Adgenda 21 for Dummies….


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34 Responses to How we got into debt

  1. PeterBDunn says:

    Keiser Report: I Steal, Therefore I Am (E286)

    In this episode, Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert
    discuss MF Global’s fraud playbook, Jamie Dimon’s
    give and take, take, take and the fact that nine out of
    ten tapeworms bear an uncanny resemblance to the
    JP Morgan CEO. In the second half of the show Max
    talks to Chris Whalen, senior managing partner of
    Tangent Capital, about fascism, too big to fail and Jamie Dimon’s problem.

    Keiser Report: Fracking Hell (E285)

    In this episode, Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert
    discuss the Linda Evangelista of the natural gas market
    and the fast and furious bubbles popping like Lawrence Welk
    on frack. In the second half of the show Max talks to award-winning
    journalist and author, Leah McGrath Goodman, about why the price
    of gasoline is so high and what next for the oil market.

    We Are Doomed! Says the Club of Rome

  2. PeterBDunn says:

    With a carbon tax manufacturing will go offshore for cheaper production and labour rates, also see…

    aussie dollar to fall further and -27 seconds
    Opposition slams carbon tax add – 34 secs

  3. PeterBDunn says:

    also see Taxpayers footing $7m pollies travel bill

    Two African famine regions get extra $16m
    your monies just splashed to overseas interests i thought “”Charity started at Home “?
    but when some people want seats on the United Nations others suffer ……… Just wait till june 1st and the slavery tax on your childrens exhaled breath comes in , SUCKAS

  4. PeterBDunn says:

    for more information see also ,….
    Episode 230 – Social Engineering 101

    Time Reference: 02:19

    Interview 514 – William Hathaway on Radical Peace
    Time Reference: 02:45

    Qld debt will hit $92bn in four years

    Queensland’s debt will hit $92 billion in four years, an audit by former federal treasurer Peter Costello reveals.

    State Treasurer Tim Nicholls warns the report, to be released on Friday, will be a sobering read and offer very strong medicine.

    It says by the 2015/16 financial year, almost 10 per cent, or $5.3 billion, of state revenue will be spent paying interest on Queensland’s $92 billion debt

    The Impact of Science on Society by Bertrand Russell
    Time Reference: 04:33

    From Cybernetics to Littleton — Techniques in Mind Control
    Time Reference: 07:07

    Phillip Collins on “Social Control” on The Byte Show
    Time Reference: 13:50

    2045: A New Era for Humanity
    Time Reference: 25:38

  5. PeterBDunn says:

    Yet this government spent

    $6.6 million on furnishing Asylum seeker housing
    $82 million going to the Red Cross for community detention costs
    $39.3 million over four years for Australia’s pre-eminent national collecting institutions
    $1.5 million to support capital works for the creation of the Islamic Museum of Australia
    in the heart of Melbourne and $2 million to create the Antipodes Centre for Greek Culture,
    Heritage and Language in Melbourne.”
    $64.1 million over four years to secure jobs in the arts, cultural heritage and creative industries in Canberra.
    $578.4 million for Indonesia
    $1.16 billion for PNG and Pacific Islands in 2011-12, and represents almost 25 per cent of total Australian ODA.
    $465 million – $625 million for Africa and the Middle east$47.7 million Carribean and Latin America
    $1.32 billion – $1.95 billion to East Asia – Burma, Cambodia, China, East Timor, Greater
    Mekong, Laos, Mongolia, North Korea, Regional East Asia, Philippines, Vietnam
    $525 – $725 million to South and West Asia – Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Regional South Asia, Sri Lanka
    and next more of your tax dollars to bankers vide the disability insurance scheme too

  6. PeterBDunn says:

    see also From the Gong to New York
    whilst the scumbags ignore the dead
    Our forgotten tuberculosis cemetery
    Council officers were able to identify only 43 graves of the estimated 2000 believed to be on the site.

    The report said an experienced archivist was attempting to compile a complete burial register for the site
    using records stored in the basement of the hospital.
    solutions to address homelessness totallingmore than $3.6billion in the budget for 2012-13.

    Almost $1.2 billion will be provided by the Gillard Government to the states and territories under the National Affordable Housing Special Purpose Payment, and a further $156.5 million through the National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness in 2012 – 2013 alone, and a total of $538.6million over five years since 2009.

    ATO accused of systemic abuse of power

    The Illuminati Plan To Rule The World
    (also Known As “Novus Ordem Seclorum”)

  7. PeterBDunn says:

    Poor Little Bill Shorten hasnt got enough money ,
    Employment minister Bill Shorten has declared he finds it “hard to make ends meet” on his $330,000 salary while denying a rise to the $13,000 unemployment benefit
    So Now that they have spent Your Childrens Future Fund , they realise their retiement packages may be threatened, so You must ve voluntarily compliant (Because Ya pollution remember carbon based life form) and pay more SUKA, and the rest of teh community gets stuff like this poor fella
    Housing battle for a backyard
    but they say,..
    solutions to address homelessness totallingmore than $3.6billion in the budget for 2012-13.

    Almost $1.2 billion will be provided by the Gillard Government to the states and territories under the National Affordable Housing Special Purpose Payment, and a further $156.5 million through the National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness in 2012 – 2013 alone, and a total of $538.6million over five years since 2009.

    Your Servants are Over stepping their mark its called GREED

    • PeterBDunn says:

      The Conspiracy of an Empire: A Letter to Those that Serve the System:
      August 27, 2012 in Activism

      by Shawn Helton

      This is a letter to those who serve the system. You need to accept that our country has been taken
      over by a financial and scientific dictatorship. Those in charge of our wealth and resources have
      pledged to a dark empire. We need reject the predatory and illegitimate war making used to crush liberty.
      As the world is in decline, you will have to make a choice between freedom and tyranny. Future generations
      depend on it. Dissent is still the highest form of patriotism. Will you speak up for your country

      By working for this system you are agreeing to the reformation of the United States Constitution and are
      condoning the actions of a corrupt, government, devoid of morals that has been taken over at the highest levels by global criminals.

      Under this current administration we’ve descended into total authoritarianism having extending the Patriot Act,
      passing the NDAA, which in it’s pure description is the indefinite detention of American citizens, thus, stripping us
      of our constitutional rights without evidence of any crime. Just recently, an army manual was leaked describing
      plans for internment resettlement operations or re-education camps here in the U.S., during the event of
      “military or civil conflict”, or if we had a “natural or man-made disaster”. As free people we should be extremely
      concerned and we have been warned.

  8. PeterBDunn says:

    Newstart is two-thirds of pension: inquiry
    To raise the allowance by $50 a week would cost about $1.5 billion a year, which Ms Christie said was not a lot in the context of a federal government social spending budget of $122 billion.

    solutions to address homelessness totallingmore than $3.6billion in the budget for 2012-13.

    Almost $1.2 billion will be provided by the Gillard Government to the states and territories under the
    National Affordable Housing Special Purpose Payment, and a further $156.5 million through the
    National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness in 2012 – 2013 alone, and a total of $538.6million
    over five years since 2009.

    ATO accused of systemic abuse of power

    Nauru’s $1000 a month visa charge for asylum seekers

    Ombudsman finds nepotism and blank cheque misuse at IT agency

    Read more:

      • PeterBDunn says:

        Treasurer Mike Baird’s $1 billion blue

        A BILLION dollar stuff-up has given the state government’s financial credentials a bloody nose but also dragged its budget back into the black.

        Treasurer Mike Baird’s first budget was revealed to have been littered with accounting and data entry errors that meant his deficit of $337 million should in fact be a surplus of $680 million.

        In a scathing assessment of how the government misplaced $1 billion, Auditor-General Peter Achterstraat said the budget result had “bounced around a bit like a pinball machine”.

        “NSW is a billion-dollar business, it is not a school tuckshop,” he said.

        “A $1 million error is unfortunate, a $10 million error is undesirable but a $100 million error is totally unacceptable.

        “If parliament and Treasury is to make important reform decisions they need timely, accurate financial advice. We need better financial processes, better financial systems and, in many cases, better qualified staff to prepare accounts.

        Recommended Coverage

        Barry’s government taking a big hit»

        THE economic credibility of the O’Farrell government has just taken an enormous hit.

        Heads must roll for $1 billion bungle»

        THANKS to a combination of incompetence and carelessness, the state government managed to make $1 billion disappear. But how?

        “Many issues related to spreadsheet errors, many related to valuation errors and some were data entry errors and that’s the frustrating thing, these errors should be put through well and truly before financial accounts come to me.”

        Mr Achterstraat compared the financial blunder to a cricket match where “you’ve got five overs to go and you think you’ve only got to get X number of runs and all of a sudden you’re told you’ve got to get five times that”.

        All up there were 37 errors worth more than $20 million and two errors worth more than $1 billion, which involved officials undervaluing the value of the state archives and the Snowy Hydro scheme’s worth to government.

        The Auditor-General’s office confirmed a similar error occurred in 2009-10 when Labor was $800 million out with its surplus.

        But the Coalition had still made more errors than Labor in its last two budgets.

        Opposition Leader John Robertson said the auditor’s findings showed that the $4.8 billion in cuts from education and health were “unjustified”.

        “Mike Baird, while he continues to argue this line (of an underlying deficit) shows how incompetent he is,” he said.

      • PeterBDunn says:

        Published on Oct 23, 2012 by Scott Bartle

        Learn more at
        Frequently Unanswered Questions of the “Australian Government” – a Documentary questioning those claiming Government status as to whether they really are Government. Follow the process of importing a 1959 Chevrolet Corvette as the Department of Transport blocks import, to the Department of Environment getting in the way. Finally, see what happens when “Customs” demands GST and Luxury Car Tax.
        A must see for anyone dealing with “Government.”

  9. The data also showed the department had spent $37,203 buying coffee for the machines since 2009, and about $2000 a year on machine maintenance.

    “That adds up to over $100,000 that taxpayers have spent filling up the coffee cups of bureaucrats in this government department in around three years,” Senator Bushby said.
    ‘Awful waste’: school building audit finds $664m reduction in value
    Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli said $664 million could buy 20 new primary schools and nine new high schools.

    “This is just further evidence of the awful waste under Labor’s BER program,” he said.

    Auditor-General Peter Achterstraat said the significant decrease in replacement cost in the department’s revaluation of BER buildings – from $1.89 billion originally to $1.23 billion now – may be due to the actual costs paid for them being too high.

  10. PeterBDunn says:

    Aust govt throwing taxpayers money

  11. PeterBDunn says:

    In one frenzied 10-month period, Labor spent almost $200,000 dollars on 33 party members visiting international colleagues.

    The Liberals also enjoy their overseas jaunts; one delegation including former prime minister John Howard, federal director Brian Loughnane and former president Shane Stone, spent $70,000 attending a Democratic Union meeting in London.

    Sending Mr Stone on nine trips cost taxpayers 94,000, while taxpayers forked out $108,000 on six trips for Mr Loughnane.
    It included sending Mr Stone and his wife Peta Credlin, Tony Abbott’s chief of staff, on a two-week New Year’s trip to America for bilateral talks with the Democrats.

    Around $10 million has been spent by the parties ‘promoting democracy’ since 2006, and they will be given another $4 million dollars before current funding runs out next year.

    Here are all of the documents obtained by 7News under the Freedom of Information Act;
    Annual Work Plan Application – ALP 2010-11
    ALP Grant Agreement Deed – 15 January 2010
    Annual Work Plan Application – ALP 2011-12
    Annual Activity Statement – ALP 2012-13
    ALP Grant Agreement Deed – 31 Jul 2012
    LP Annual Work Plan – 2010-11
    LP Annual Work Plan – 2011-12
    LP Grant Agreement Deed – 31 Jul 2012
    AG Grant Agreement Deed – 19 April 2011

    Annual Work Plan – Greens 2011-12
    AG Annual Activity Statement – 2012-13
    AG Grant Agreement Deed – 31 July 2012
    APPDP review report 2011 – final
    ALP Interim Acquittal Feb 2010 – Oct 2010
    ALP Progress Report 2010
    ALP Interim Acquittal non-ODA 30 June 2011
    ALP Interim Acquittal ODA 30 June 2011
    ALP Progress Report July-Oct 2011
    ALP Interim Acquittal non-ODA July – Dec 2011

    ALP Interim Acquittal ODA July-Dec 2011
    ALP Progress Report July-Dec 2011
    ALP Non-ODA Program Progress Report July-Oct 2011
    ALP Non-ODA Program Progress Report July-Dec 2011
    ALP Interim Acquittal non-ODA Jan-April 2012
    ALP Interim Acquittal ODA Jan-April 2012
    ALP audited statement of accounts
    LP Acquittal 09-10FY and 10-11FY – 7 June 2011
    LP Acquittal 09-10 FY 10-11FY and 11-12FY – 1 May 2012
    letter Liberal to AusAID Aquittal

    letter liberal to ausaid work programs
    AG Program Completion Report April 2011- June 2012
    [AG Program Completion Report April 2011 – October 2012
    AG Interim Acquittal April – Oct 2011
    AG Independent Auditor’s report on the Final Acquittal August 2012
    Email APPDP Classes of travel and other matters
    APPDP Travel Policy
    Notes for ALP telecon 15 Dec
    Email Australian political parties for development agreement
    Draft Revised APPDP grant deed and Guidlines update

    annotated Email Liberal to AusAid23 May
    Email Draft APPDP agreement
    Email Australian political parties for development agreement
    Email AusAID to Liberal 24 May
    Draft Email APPDP update (ALP)
    Email APPDP update
    Email two questions on APPDP
    Email Further amendments to APPD
    Email APPDP update
    Email AAPPDP update following phone conversation

  12. PeterBDunn says:

    Serco profits rise as detention contracts hit $1.86bn

    By Bianca Hall
    April 20, 2013, 3 a.m.

    Private security company Serco’s contracts with the government have blown out by $1.5 billion, as Australia’s border protection system strains under the weight of increased flows of asylum seekers.

    Serco Australia, a division of a British multinational, provides immigration detention services for the government, and has two contracts with it that have been active since 2009. But those contracts have ballooned from $323 million four years ago to a record $1.86 billion this year.

    Serco has welcomed the increase in asylum seekers in its annual report. But it says its future profits in Australia will depend on the ”country conditions” in the Middle East and Asia.

    One Serco contract, for running Australia’s detention centres, was originally valued at $279 million in 2009. Three amendments later, it is now worth $1.67 billion. The other – for residential housing and immigration transit services – has grown from $44 million in 2009 to $195.4 million this year.

    It was updated for the fourth time last month, rising from $94 million to $195.4 million.

    Both contracts are subject to confidentiality agreements

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    • PeterBDunn says:

      ANZ Bank staff’s Mickey Mouse perks
      EXCLUSIVE by Phil Jacob

      ANZ bank spent more than $750,000 sending 75 staff members and their partners on a trip to Disneyland last week, at a time when the bank faces more pressure to cut interest rates out of cycle with the RBA.

      On the all-expenses paid trip, costing $11,000 a couple, ANZ staff from 14 countries – including 37 from Australia – were flown economy class with Qantas to Los Angeles before spending four nights there including a day trip to Disneyland.

      The scheme is part of ANZ’s CEO Recognition program, which rewards staff for up-selling credit cards and insurance products and meeting other sales targets.

      The news comes just days after ANZ delivered a bumper $1.53 billion three-month profit.

      The result, a 6 per cent increase on a year ago, was helped by wider profit margins from lending to Australian consumers and a push to sign up more home loan and deposit customers.

      The bank’s latest splurge is less than a year after The Daily Telegraph revealed ANZ had taken 200 staff on a five-day butler-serviced cruise on the “world’s best” luxury liner.

      Related Coverage

      The Silver Shadow at sea.

      The bank rocks the boat

      .. .

      Just days after the bank announced it would slash 1000 jobs, the workers, rewarded as part of the same program, last year sailed on the Silver Shadow to Malaysia’s Langkawi Islands.

      But an ANZ spokesman yesterday said the bank recognised the “more difficult times we are working in” – with the budget for this year’s program cut by more than 30 per cent with the number of participants down from 110 to 75.

      “The program covers all the 32 countries ANZ operates in around the world and the reward of an overseas trip recognises a small group of high performing junior staff at the coal face of our organisation – on the phone and in branches, or in the back office,” the spokesman said. Consumer advocates last night expressed outrage at the details of the trip, pointing to the bank’s advertising slogan: “We live in your world”.

      “There is no doubt in the world the people who attended this trip worked very, very hard,” consumer advocate Christopher Zinn said.

      “But this kind of behaviour can only cause customers to look elsewhere given the bank’s reluctance to cut interest rates. ANZ say they live in our world, but I think most customers of ANZ would like to be similarly rewarded through lesser home loan repayments.”

      In a monthly banking confidence survey released yesterday, the results showed ANZ was still making up ground with business customers after a difficult 2012.

      The DBM Consultants’ Business Financial Services Monitor showed satisfaction with ANZ dropped sharply after the bank shifted the timing of its monthly interest rate decision away from the official RBA board meeting.

    • PeterBDunn says:
      Few to escape pain as tax breaks, benefits go

      From July 1, people 60 and over will be able to salary sacrifice up to $35,000 into their super. From July 1, 2014,
      the age threshold for the $35,000 cap will be lowered to 50. The super contributions tax will be doubled to
      30 per cent on annual incomes of more than $300,000.

      be careful your being encouraged to invest your hard earnt monies into
      a banking system thats making huge profits and the governmentis
      looking at taking people superannuation for their budgetory requirements
      vide their adgenda 21 derivatives ponsey scam schemes like libor ,
      MF Global taking Gerald Celentes $60 million, are you the next sheep on
      the wolfs menue ?

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  16. PeterBDunn says:

    Politicians have received 3 substantial Pay rises in 16 Months

    we know Labor is the Party of the Battler.? They run around the country either as Politicians or as Union officials and scream out the injustice of the low income earners, the Pensioners and looking after Australian workers. In fact they sound impressive maybe I haven’t given them the credit they deserve.

    However, Labor ensured Politicians got a pay-rise of between 31% and 48%. At the same time they gave Public servants a 3% pay-rise and the rest of Australia received a generous 4.1%. However the politicians ensured they received their pay rise before the 3% Public Servants pay rise which politicians also were able to claim.

    This supposedly was to ensure they would not fall behind in the pay structures. While 3 % sounds like a trifle to someone on $80,000 which would give this person $2400 a year extra or $6.81 a day. This amount gave our PM who is on her salary of $495,000 an extra $15,000 a year or incredibly $42.61 a day. This means her pay rise of 3% meant her salary increased by the amount of a unemployment payment in Australia who she and her Cabinet believes is enough to live on.

    This is the face of this Socialist Government, it happily grabs the money off all of us, and redistributes that wealth among themselves, they have no right to call themselves a grassroots community organisation, Party members are the core of the Labor Party. Party members and local branches play a central role in innovative policy development and passionately working in the community to spread labor values. for it is now rightly proven that this ALP is only in this for what they can get out of it.

    On 1 July 2013 Federal MPs got another $4580 pay rise, taking the base salary of an average backbencher to $195,130.

    It is their third pay rise in 16 months which has delivered a typical backbencher a pay boost of $54,220 – more than $1000 a week extra since March last year.

    Julia Gillard was the first prime minister to receive a salary above $500,000, with an extra $11,908 taking her wage to $507,338. Kevin Rudd is now earning $2709 a week more after the combined impact of the three pay rises.

    Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s pay rises by $8473 to $360,990. He is more than $1900 a week better off than 16 months ago.

    The Remuneration Tribunal today announced MPs would get a 2.4 per cent pay rise and said they could be in store for more. It will review salaries in December and has left open the chance of another pay rise before the next annual review.

    Thus. Mr Conde, Mr Prescott and Ms Segal you are now seen as a Tribunal that would be easily influenced with your links to companies that rely on Government cooperation especially with the introduction of a Carbon Tax, and leaves Australians wondering how much extra YOU received?

    Worse is certainly going to occur as the members of this Tribunal will still be there in 2015. Mr Rudd won’t want this to change, and Mr Abbott won’t stop this from occurring as he has shown already. It is our money being spent for their wages and we have a say in it when Rudd stops playing games and calls an election. However with a record number of new Parties, make sure you know where their preferences are going as I have reviewed half of these parties so far and 50 – 60% appear to be preferencing to the Left.

    Please be careful that this ALP machine of Lies and Deception don’t sneak in the back door yet again.

  17. PeterBDunn says:

    Labor’s $7.6 billion carbon tax cost revealed

    February 17, 2014
    We’ve known all along that Labor’s carbon tax is inflicting massive damage on Australian households and businesses.

    Now the full extent of the damage has been revealed.

    For the first time, the Clean Energy Regulator has released figures detailing the carbon tax bills for all liable entities for the 2012-13 financial year.

    In its first year of operation, the carbon tax was a $7.6 billion hit on the Australian economy and a direct hit on around 75,000 businesses. That’s much worse than Labor ever lead on.
    348 companies have paid $6.6 billion in direct emissions liabilities in 2012-13.

    A further $1 billion has been slugged on business through reduced fuels tax credits, and through charges on the refrigeration and aviation industries.

    16 of the 20 largest carbon tax bills have gone to electricity companies. The power sector is being hit with $4.1 billion in additional costs – and that’s pushing up power bills for families.

    Manufacturing has been slugged $1.1 billion – and that’s putting pressure on jobs.

    Local councils have been slugged – and that’s pushing up rates bills.

    Regional and rural Australia is being hit with dairy and meat processors, and sugar refineries copping carbon tax bills.

    The carbon tax even hits the education sector with La Trobe University copping a bill for almost $586,000. And indirectly all schools and universities are being hit.

    The carbon tax is an attack on the entire Australian economy. What’s worse is that it doesn’t even work. Despite a $7.6 billion tax, emissions for the first 12 months barely changed by 0.1%.

    Bill Shorten has now taken ownership of Labor’s carbon tax. All Australians can blame Bill Shorten for helping to push up electricity bills and the overall cost of living.

    It’s time for Labor to get out of the way and support the repeal of the carbon tax.

    Labor trashed the economy while in government. Scrapping the carbon tax is one way Labor can undo some of the damage.

    Further information on carbon tax liabilities is available online at: ..

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