For the past two years life has been made more difficult because of the Labor-Greens’ partnership.

Activism - (Occupy Wall Street - OWS)

Activism – (Occupy Wall Street – OWS) (Photo credit: My Manatee)

Barbary Pirates attack a Frenchman. France pai...

Barbary Pirates attack a Frenchman. France paid extortion, the U.S. could not. US lost ships and crews enslaved. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Two years of a compromised government

For the past two years life has been made more difficult because of the LaborGreens’ partnership.

1. Breaking its promise on a Carbon Tax; 2. Breaking its promise on a Citizens’ Assembly; 3. Establishing a $10 billion slush fund for favoured renewable energy projects; 4. Cutting the private health insurance rebate; 5. Reducing the childcare rebate at a time of skyrocketing childcare fees; 6. Abolishing the Australian Building and Construction Commission – returning union militancy to the construction industry; 7. Quietly dissolving the Work for the Dole scheme; 8. Increasing Fringe Benefits Tax on vehicles; 9. Establishing an inquiry into the media; 10. Creating marine reserves without proper community consultation.

The Conspiracy of an Empire: A Letter to Those that Serve the System: August 27, 2012 in Activism

by Shawn Helton

This is a letter to those who serve the system. You need to accept that our country has been taken  over by a financial and scientific dictatorship. Those in charge of our wealth and resources have  pledged to a dark empire. We need reject the predatory and illegitimate war making used to crush liberty. As the world is in decline, you will have to make a choice between freedom and tyranny. Future generations  depend on it. Dissent is still the highest form of patriotism. Will you speak up for your country

By working for this system you are agreeing to the reformation of the United States Constitution and are condoning the actions of a corrupt, government, devoid of morals that has been taken over at the highest levels by global criminals.

Under this current administration we’ve descended into total authoritarianism having extending the Patriot Act,  passing the NDAA, which in it’s pure description is the indefinite detention of American citizens, thus, stripping us  of our constitutional rights without evidence of any crime. Just recently, an army manual was leaked describing  plans for internment resettlement operations or re-education camps here in the U.S., during the event of  “military or civil conflict”, or if we had a “natural or man-made disaster”. As free people we should be extremely  concerned and we have been warned.

World Government = Global Death!

Law passed in secret to sell State Assets 100% , Meegan Manuka

UN Launches COUP D’ETAT Over US: Infowars

Australia In Crisis – Problem, Reaction, Solution

Australia Facing Corruption Crisis

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4 Responses to For the past two years life has been made more difficult because of the Labor-Greens’ partnership.

  1. PeterBDunn says:

    about 3.15pm on 31/8/12 a female calling her self rebekkah from shellharbour department of housing rang my landlord , and intimated she owed some $900.00 to them in rent
    Early june Mz Jellicoe recieved several letters requiring information re her lease and new tennant, information that the department already had on their computors, which was supplied to them within the week they requested, amongst the pile of paperwork they could of sent a rent deduction form for the information of the lessee to give to her new tennant to supply to centerlink. but this wasnt done.
    Rental payment arrangements were supplied to DOH upon their written request 1st week of June 2012.
    Why, wasnt a rental deduction authority form sent in 1st instance,…so they could confuse an out patient of mental health and racketeer her for an amount of money, because the public sevice realises its master employer govt is broke borrowing one hundred and ten milion dollars a day to run our country pay their wages ect ect.
    In ignorance of their mission statements , statements of values, personal Ethics
    so poor sharon is thinking that because of a verbal phone call without any paperwork
    being sent to her in relation to a matter, that she has to attend post office on monday,
    and put monies into her rent account because of a conversation with a female on friday afternoon.
    Done on puropse when they could of rang her earlier in the week so she could of attended to the
    matter the next day instead of stewing on it for the weekend. They neglected to send her proper paperwork
    in 1st place , they are ignoring the $320 rent credits I had re premises 5/54 todd street and the fact they took
    a fortnights rent from me in relation to todd st premises after i had been evicted. and now they want another $900.00
    If this is the sort of service the proport to give tennants, No offpeak electricity as other members in community are privy to
    , no water meters ,tennants must endure guestimated water bills when they spend $11 mil on upgrading public housing
    in illawarra a Social Housing Boost yet cant emplace a water meter with the public monies Ohh No what its to much
    trouble to create work upgrade 50 year old buildings and be fair to your tennants
    What is a mission statement???? or for that mnatter Secton 53 or our Constitution

    • PeterBDunn says:

      It appears to me that many people are suffering from DIM-ITUDE by IGNORANTLY “buying into” COMPLETE & UTTER BS without
      seeing a shred of credible evidence, blindly REACT instead of thinking & because of their BIASES & PREJUDICES they
      continually forward PROPAGANDA & DISINFORMATION without attempting to verify & research things.

      DIM-ITUDE – A chronic psychological state found in people that consistently get things WRONG because they allow
      their BIASES & PREJUDICES to replace facts & logic. People with this condition are often DIM-WITS with an ATTITUDE
      born of IGNORANCE that will often RANT & RAVE about things that are provably UNTRUE & will often attack anyone
      that addresses the basis of their DELUSIONS.

      “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance or conscientious stupidity.” –Martin Luther King, Jr.

      “Mass mind control was an art in Old Testament times and it is not a lost art, but a perfected one.” – Unknown

      “I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use.”–Galileo Galilei

      “We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

  2. PeterBDunn says:

    lessor = dept housing /Human Services(NSW lands corp) Lessee = community member

    lessee informs lessor of new tennant.

    lessor contacts lessee by phone then sends required paperwork for lessee and new tennant to fill out,
    income statements pension numbers ect.

    lessee and new tennant comply and fill out all paper work alledgedley required.

    lessor contacts lessee again by phone and more paper work sent out which was completed and
    returned by lessee and new tennant s per requirements

    lessor contacts lessee and enquires re duplication of information oh his desk and askes lessee who organised duplication
    but as documents not signed information unable to be supplied

    rebekkah on lessors behalf rings lessee on a friday afternoon(31/8/12) and intimates lessee owes an amount in rent

    as lessor recieved allo paperwork sent in june 2012 and did not contact lesse in required 28 days of recieving documents
    required re new tennants information this, as a matter of coursem intimates to lessee, that lessor is content happy with
    arrangements, submitted vide paperwork to lessor, upon request as per requirements, and any adjustements to rent
    should be sent to lessee, by lessor, vide normal paperwork channells.

    new tennant on lessees behalf attends centerlink and informs them of lessees situation with her lessor
    new tennant at centerlink office is informed by public servants that state members of the public service
    are unable to send documents between state and federal public servants ( one arm of government just different branches)
    even when lesse and new tennant have signed documents in past giving the dept of housing and centerlink permission to share information
    in relation to tennants/clients situations.

    Best Practice, Duty of care, their individual governmental department Mission Statements and Statements Of Values

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