$ in eyes of Pollies as NSW follows Qlds Lead against peoples Will!

40. Members of Parliament follow the processio...

40. Members of Parliament follow the procession through Central Lobby to the Lords for the Queen’s Speech (Photo credit: UK Parliament)




NSW wants to follow Qld‘s CSG lead
APPEA CEO David Byers told the conference Australia had to seize its opportunity to be a world-leader in the industry before other countries caught up.


Monday, 24 September 2012
Carbon tax backdowns and the state of the economy
Alan Jones is joined by economic commentator Terry McCrann to discuss the carbon tax.

Hundreds stop work in job-cut protest

NSW public servants stand firm on strike

Wednesday, 03 October 2012
Alan Jones Comments 03/10/2012
Alan Jones comments on the government wasting more funds on its ministerial staff.
Target MPs for super savings: ex-minister


Yet they ignore the following Why???

Danger of Oilfield Fracing

Frac dangers are embraced in this funny oilfield video from a Canadian perspective

Fracking hell: UK government set to green light risky gas drilling?

Keiser Report: Fracking Hell (E285)

Tiers of government signing regional agreement


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3 Responses to $ in eyes of Pollies as NSW follows Qlds Lead against peoples Will!

  1. gold price says:

    THE carbon tax likely peaked as an issue before the price actually started – indeed, its first three months have been an anti-climax.

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