What Evil Lurks In the World of Finance?

Pink Slime Time !! .. Tina, the last batch of ...

Pink Slime Time !! .. Tina, the last batch of textured beef …item 4.. Three ‘pink slime’ factories closing after controversy decreases sales (7 May 2012) … (Photo credit: marsmet471)

"Gaza Massacre!" by Carlos Latuff. E...

World Economic Forum Annual Meeting Davos 2008

World Economic Forum Annual Meeting Davos 2008 (Photo credit: World Economic Forum)

hat Evil Lurks In the World of Finance?



Published on Nov 21, 2012 by RussiaToday

Watch the full Keiser Report E370 here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XliTvxqTtsE

In this episode, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert ask, “who knows what evil lurks in the
heart of the global financial system?” And find the answer is that “the Shadow
banking system knows!” The shadow banking system has grown to $67 trillion
and has the power to cloud men’s minds so they cannot see the fraud. In the
second half, Max Keiser talks to Jan Skoyles of the Real Asset Company about
clients wanting to park their gold in Singapore and about what is happening in the
gold market in China.

Gaza gains and losses: RT talks to Israel FM’s spokesperson

Published on Nov 22, 2012 by RussiaToday
Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister says most of the people hit by
Gaza strikes – quote – ‘deserved it’, because, he claims,
they were armed terrorists. Put Palestinian
health officials and human rights activists say more than two
thirds of those killed were civilians, with almost HALF of them children.
Israel, though, says the ratio is lower. To talk more on the consequences
of the the 8-day offensive, I’m joined live by the spokesperson for Israel’s Foreign
Ministry, Ilana Stein.

RT LIVE http://rt.com/on-air

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