The Green Authoritarian Adgenda of Clepto-Corporate Oligarks and Authoritarian Adgendas!

English: Vectorized version of Seal of Governm...

English: Vectorized version of Seal of Government of Gujarat used by the state government for public notices in the press and for publicity purposes. The emblem of India is the image used on the India wikipedia article. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Residents slapped with $40k costs order

A group of Wollongong residents challenging the legality of Gujarat NRE’s mining operations at Russell Vale
says a recent court decision ordering the group to put up $40,000 before the case proceeds could halt its action

However Gujarat lodged a motion seeking to have IRRM provide $75,000 as ‘‘security for costs’’
in case the group loses the challenge and is ordered to pay the legal costs Gujarat incurred to fight the court case.
IRRM spokeswoman Kaye Osborn said the Land and Environment Court judge confirmed the challenge was in
the public interest, but still ordered the group to put up a reduced sum of $40,000 before the case proceeded to a hearing.
Ms Osborn described the judge’s decision as ‘‘disappointing’’ saying she hoped the costs order would not prevent the case
from being heard.
This is a very disappointing outcome for people who care about the impact of this expanding mine on the environment and the
surrounding residential suburbs,’’ she said.
‘‘It would be a great shame if this matter never sees the light of day in court due to Gujarat’s security for costs order.’’
Ms Osborn said the group was considering its options on whether to appeal the decision, try come up with the money,
or drop the case altogether.

council ‘needs’ to raise rates

a rates variation above next year’s 3.4 per cent rate pegging limit.

While the decision is yet to be made, most councillors see rate rises as the only way to rein in the city’s $45 million maintenance backlog without cutting services to the community.

Figures revealed last month showed increases of up to 42 per cent by 2016-17 would be needed to bring the city’s asset renewal in line with the state average.

Average homes would be slugged with a $414 increase over four years under the proposal, taking the average general rate from $976 to $1390.


Adgenda 21  moving  foward ,,  sighh ,,  resistance to tyrrany is obedience to you childrens  future

Your Servants who spent the Future Fund are hitting you in the hip pocket vide their corporate connections to pay  the alledged  bill to  bankers for their profits,  Me thinks we should make our Servants Volunteer their duties to their respective countries until  such time as They Repay the Debt/Bill  they Racked, ( ie  Your  being Racketerred.!) up  alledgedly for and on behalf of the poeople  , Wheres their Mandate for that one ???




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3 Responses to The Green Authoritarian Adgenda of Clepto-Corporate Oligarks and Authoritarian Adgendas!

  1. pamea says:

    Got that page up now.. wanted to sent pic via gmail from my phone.. the it blanked out.. I took it apart, removed card – battery – then reassembled… cut the hacker line off at line of fire.. I had left the doctors surgery… follow up visit… and here outside to the right of the building was … 3 wheeler.. I am sipping on juice + teaspoon vitmn C powder.. Could not get caps. only tablets for his Lordship, Son Sidney…I may be able to shake this recorring cough/ infection.. feel better already.. Remember you sending me something re intravenous Vit. C to fight cancer successfully.. Pam

    Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2012 02:43:40 +0000 To:

  2. pamea says:

    Dangers of Longwall Mining can be seen by others accidents & the environmental damage with subsidence.
    ” It will take days and maybe weeks to know exactly what caused the explosion on Monday afternoon in Massey Energy’s Upper Big Branch mine, in Montcoal, West Virginia. With 25 miners dead, two hospitalized and four missing, it is the country’s deadliest mining accident in 25 years. Like other longwall mines, Upper Big Branch would have been a vast, efficient and dangerous place.”

    Read more: Massey Energy’s West Virginia Coal Mine Disaster Rescue – Dangers in Longwall Mining – Popular Mechanics

    CLOSER TO HOME SYDNEY’S drinking water supply in and around the historic Cataract Dam is about to be undercut by multistorey longwall coalmines, in a case that will test the NSW Government’s willingness to apply its own environmental guidelines.
    Packed beneath the pristine reservoir, near Appin, lie tens of millions of tonnes of high-quality coking coal, greatly desired by the Indian steel industry.
    Read more:

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